Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fun in a wedding dress.

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Our friends Rachel, Ben and Ikey came up today. It was a last minute arrangement. We had planned on going to Mum and Rob's for lunch before Rob goes into hospital for a hip operation. Unfortunately about 5 mins after we organised this Clara produced another revolting nappy, her second of the day (the first being at preschool making me look like a neglectful mother for sending her with the squits!). Therefore Mum and Rob was cancelled as we didn't want to risk her passing it onto Rob. Anyway Paul and I were feeling a bit glum about a boring Saturday when we got a text from Rachel telling us she was installing something on her mac that Paul had suggested to her and when could we meet up. We said "what are you doing tomorrow?!" and thus today was planned!

Paul was dispatched this morning to go and procure Fillet of Cow so I could make Nigella's fast cook, long rest beef.... soo good. And I, inspired by the Hairy Bikers, made home made chips to go with it and a nice big salad. For pud we had meringues, cream and strawberries. Whilst all was delicious it was possibly a bad idea given what came next. Whilst Paul was sorting out a problem with her mac Rachel got her wedding dress out of the back of the car. That wasn't planned either, but she looked at it before she left and lobbed it in on the off chance!

We went down to a park in Wallington and had a massive amount of fun with her climbing trees, lamp posts and walking on walls. My favourite moment was just as we went to go home a little girl trundled past in a pushed trike a gog at the beautiful princess like bride striding past her! So sweet!

We got home to 2 chilling husbands and 3 happily playing children. Ideal! Such a fab day, tomorrow we need to go and price up material for the sofa, I can put it off no more.... sob.


Muddling Along Mummy said...

How great - those pictures look fab !

If I ever get back into my dress I so want to do this

By the way do you mean Wallington as in near Carshalton ?

Vix said...

\yup, it is about a 20 min drive from me and is by far the prettiest park around.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Eek which means you live scary close to my MIL !

But it there are some very pretty parks (do you know the one by the Oaks golf course ?)

Vix said...

Ooooh really? Shout next time you are around! No, but I will look it up in the morning now!

Kiko said...

Fab pics! I know I'm a bit late to be commenting here but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the Nigella recipe please? Thank you!