Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cinderella Dreams!

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I came out of my bedroom this morning to see this little solitary dress up shoe sat on the steps into Phoebe's room. I can only imagine she was playing Cinders this morning as she adores the Nick Sharratt version.

We had a bit of a lazy day today, I didn't get any quilting done as the girls were in full Mummy Mode. Paul got more sinus pain and a migraine so retired to bed. Thank heavens for Paramol! In the afternoon we headed into town to do a swift bit of shopping much to the chagrin of Phoebe who was bribed out on the promise of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a biscuit. We found Harry Potter for a reasonable price of £9.99 in HMV and as a bonus side gift we got the girls Madagascar 2.

Most unusually Clara fell asleep before we got into town (10 mins walk) and stayed that way all the way around and for an hour after we got home! This has never, ever happened before! I don't think she is 100% after a few grim nappies and her being very very cuddly all afternoon.

Still I have been baking happy this afternoon, I put pizza dough in the breadmaker for our supper. And, much more exciting I found heart shaped cooking rings in Debenhams! The thing that sprang immediately to my mind was crumpets after watching the Hairy Bikers on the Beeb the other day! So the challenge was set and this was the result:

They taste GOOD and were surprisingly easy to make too. I forsee a lot of crumpet munching (snigger) in the forseeable!

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l'optimiste said...

snigger indeed! everyone wants those crumpets!
We had Madagascar 'Christmas' version? uff...and 300 x Tom and Jerry...