Saturday, 9 January 2010

John Lewis Spendy Goodness!

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We went to Kingston Upon Thames today, it was an arse of a drive, Paul got a headache but we spent the remains of our Christmas and birthday money.

I had £50 in JL vouchers so I bought all these lovelies to help me with quilting and sewing. I think I know what I am doing tomorrow don't you!

Paul also had £50 in vouchers and some other pennies so he bought a couple of games for the Wii, he treated the girls to a Toy Story flask each. He still has £20 left so we are going to do some amazon shopping and I think he is going to buy the new Harry Potter film (YAY!) as well as other things I know not right now.

We also bought some new books in Whsmiths with the voucher his parents got us for Christmas. I got a chinese / thai cook book, Paul got a new novel and the girls got a magazine each.

Depression wise it hasn't been a great day, I have been struggling again lately. I am exhausted but not sleeping well (although I am loving my Jane Eyre Audio Book!) and I am struggling at keeping my cool with the girls (that said we did make up a cool song today to entertain them "We are ants! We are ants! And we like to live in ....... PANTS!" on the word pants you tickle... we got some interesting looks in John Lewis' cafe for that... whoops!) and I have so little patience with everything. I feel sick, my appetite is shot and I feel like my guts are in constant turmoil. My external calm is just a visage to show the world. I need to go back to the doctors really but I just want to hang on for a while to see if what I am feeling is just come down from Christmas and all that palava.

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badsparklythings said...

Nice sewing trinkets - I really need another trip to JL!

Hope you're feeling a bit better soon xx