Thursday, 10 September 2009


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1 m Organza (or any other floaty fabric really)
More of that satin fabric you used from the Tutu (you need 2 long bits and 2 shorter bits)
Elastic, 1 metre should do it.
Your bribery of choice

1. Bribe child to stay still long enough to measure from wrist to wrist along their back
2. Cut the organza to the same length and hem the top.
3. Get your 2 shorter bits of satin, we are talking about 10 x 4 inches. Hem at either end and then sew down one side (right sides together), turn inside out and do the same to the other one.
4. Bribe child to stay still long enough to measure your elastic length.
5. Sew elastic into one end of the tube, then scrunch up the satin until the elastic comes out the other end and sew that end up too (do it for the other one at the same time)
6. Sew these scrunchies onto each end of the organza
7. Make 2 more scrunchies with the long bits of satin (about 20 x 4 inches)
8. Divide the rest of the elastic in two and make the other two scrunchies.
9. Bribe child to stay still whilst you mark the best position for the arm holes and then sew the scrunchies onto the organza where you have marked.
10. Bribe child to stand on chair whilst you either mark or cut the longest length of the wings, I suggest roughly about knee length and then mark or trim up in a shallow V shape.
11. Hem that end too
12. Apply to child!

(By the way if you hadn't guessed I guestimate a lot...)

** No using this tutorial to make and sell on - I will send the kids round if you do and they take no prisoners!**

**If you do make one, do post or send a picture as it will give me that warm happy feeling, I thank you! **


Yia Yia said...

absolutely beautiful! I can see a whole industry starting up here

Vix said...

So you think Madam Dimitra will approve?! I may do a headdress and wand to complete the set...

Yia Yia said...

I think she will love it, Dina will make her wear a top though as mums here are always worried about their children catching a chill-I'm serious!Headdress sounds great.

l'optimiste said...

Love the photos - a series of cards comes to mind! :o)