Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I had an awesome weekend, hope you did too!

This weekend I saw my oldest mate get hitched to his lovely lovely new wife! I was asked if I would do the photography for them so I got prime location for piccy taking too (of which I now have approximately 380 photos to work through....). Here is a sneaky pic of one that just shows how delighted they are to be married and how in love too...

It was a fabulous day, the weather was warm but not too sunny, the pimms was cold, food delicious and company was excellent! I really truly couldn't be happier for them! I was delighted too that I got a thank you in the speeches (really wasn't expecting that!) and a gorgeous necklace as a thank you (also totally unexpected). I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends!

I also completed my Super Secret Project this weekend. I haven't been able to blog about this as the recipient reads the blog and it was a total stealth project! However my lovely Aunt, Cally, was diagnosed with Cancer earlier this year. It hit her, and the family quite hard and personally I felt the need to DO something. Alas there is very little one can do except offer support but something I made last year for my Step Sister's Hen got me thinking. So together with Mum we contacted as many of Cally's friends and rellies and got them to make patches for a quilt. Which I then sewed together on Friday / Saturday. I took it into her in hospital yesterday as a surprise and she was absolutely thrilled with it. Now when she is feeling grim she can curl up under her quilt and remember how much everyone loves her and is always there with her in spirit when she needs us. I know it isn't quite the same thing but in my worst depression days just knowing there were people who loved me come what may and what I was fighting for was a great help. I hope the same counts for Cally as there really are so many people who love her!


l'optimiste said...

you did a fab job! :) and it's so thoughful

Cally KR said...

Dearest Vix, What a wonderful surprise. Thank you doesn't even come close to how loved and supported I feel. I am snuggled up in this big hug as I speak. love Cally