Monday, 1 February 2010

[mutter] Well I suppose they shared [/mutter]

Hmph, I appear to have the Bratfinks delightful stomach bug, I am not amused. Today school runs were done in record time and minimal parenting. Thus every single toy is out and on the living room floor, there is a large spill of orange juice at the top of the stairs and I just dispatched Phoebe to go and find her own ketchup because I cannot be bothered to go. Whoopsy I am a bad mother today!

In other news apparently my Stepfather's operation on his gippy hip has gone well and he is back on the ward revelling in all you can take morphine. At around 5pm I started to get a little worried that I hadn't heard anything until I realised that yet again my mobile phone had no charge (it is a pile of poo, but I am hanging out for an iphone) and Mum had in fact text me along with everyone else at 2pm. Here is hoping his recovery is fast and painless! I think I might make some baked goods for Paul to take with him to Mum's house tomorrow. Cake always helps doesn't it?!

I have also booked myself in with the GP for an appt on Weds. More meds needed (uff) and I my thumbs are still very sore so I think it wouldn't hurt for them to have a shufty although I doubt they can do anything tbh. I would say early night for me but, well, [bitter laugh]. To her credit Phoebe has been trying to cheer me up, by giving me kisses and cuddles and telling me that I have been a very very good girl today, even if I did have to send her to a room because she wouldn't help tidy up the toy palooza.

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