Thursday, 21 January 2010

Patchwork, my first proper go!

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I bought a pack of Fat Quarters in a little haberdasher a while ago with the idea of making Phoebe a small quilt for her bedroom. Yesterday I decided to crack on with it. I made it up as I went a long so it is far from perfect but it is, as I generally put it, made with love! There are a couple of dodgy areas so my cunning plan is to make some fairy cut-outs to appliqué on to hide them. I need to find a backing material first though, and some silky bias binding for the edging, oh and the wadding! It was fun to do though and Phoebe is very excited about it.

In other news I treated myself to straighteners and am currently sporting lovely straight hair (it is about an inch longer then usual too... so at my bum!). To his credit Paul even noticed I had done "something"! Who says men aren't observant?! Ok so there is that issue we have with not finding things even if they are glaringly obvious but today I will forgive him lol!


l'optimiste said...

yay!! that looks amazing! well done you

Laurie said...

Very pretty! Lucky Phoebe.