Wednesday, 6 January 2010

MUMMY! 3 4 3 4 eyes!

Clara speak for
"Mummy you have 4 eyes!"

Her latest trick (learnt in France) is to come up, climb up in your lap and go cross eyed. She looks positively deranged when she does it and if you ask her to stop you get a firm "No!" and she carries on. She even does the moving into position so she is always in your eyeline, even when you are trying to ignore her and do something else. It was funny, for a while, now it is dangerously close to annoying!


Michael Brooke said...

So what does she say when you wear glasses? Or would that confuse her so much that she'd go cross-eyed naturally?

badsparklythings said...

Haha, great photo, she's very cute.

Redbedhead said...

Fantastic! She is so funny!