Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We have a new member of the family En Route.

The decision to get a Dog at some point started at the beginning of the year. We had been happy with our 2 newly bonded bunnies and our 2 cats. Then Turvey the bunny died suddenly at the beginning of the year and we couldn't bear to replace him. So we moved Poppy inside so she would have us as company. We started mulling the idea over and with the additional issues of Phoebe's potential ASD we decided that a dog would be the next best family pet for us. When later in the year Little Brown Cat's kidneys gave up the ghost and she departed this world too we started looking in earnest for a dog.

I checked out all the local shelters but it became apparent that none of them would rehome a young dog to us with 2 young children. Especially as one of those children has special needs (not in relation to dogs... she is like a mini Dr Dolittle!). So I started looking online for pups that would be homed around September time. Then I came across an advert for pups ready mid August and the picture of the dogs Mum was just lovely. I got that good feeling that usually means I am onto something so I emailed them and after an exchange of emails we got to go at the top of the waiting list for Izzy's pups!

At this point we hadn't told the girls anything but as the due date got closer for the pups I got more and more excited and we told the girls about it last week. Then on Saturday I got the email I had been waiting for, Izzy had given birth to 5 beautiful pups on Thursday night by Emergency CSection. 3 boys and 2 girls:

We get to pick which one will be our pup on the 14th July and I can't WAIT. So far I have toys, blankets, a crate and a nice soft cushion for the pup to snuggle up with. I have a few more things on my list before the pup comes to live with us when we are back from Greece. I will update as soon as we have chosen the pup and can do a proper introduction!