Sunday, 31 July 2011

Postcard from French France.


We are currently residing in The Magic House as it has been christened by my children. We are here with our friends Jane and Mike and their two children too and much fun is being had. Clara and Rowan are competing for Biggest Tantrum Award and currently are neck and neck Clara's points for quantity and Rowan for Quality! Lexi is embodying either Lord Voldemort or Nanny McPhee depending on the mood and Phoebe is mostly content so long as she has a piece of technology to hand, failing that a large body of water to wade about in!

Today we were visited by our friends that currently reside down the mountain in Geneva, Sarah and Rob. Much fun was had with them as we had a big raclette stone lunch (children fed previous and deposited in front of TV... we rock as parents don't we!) and then took children up in the much anticipated Bubble car in Les Contamines. We went up to L'Etape where there is a little lake that the kids could paddle / wade or boat in. They loved it! Lexi had requested to be face painted so went up the mountain in Lord Voldemort face paint:

This did elicit a few looks but as Lexi is blissfully unaware of Other People in general we didn't think much of it. It did amuse us gratefully to see The Dark Lord wading about in his orange shark swimmers!

The little lake up there was great but alas they quickly spotted the boats and insisted on a go in them. Phoebe got her own little row boat as she is the only child who we know can get herself out of jeopardy in the water if she needs too and the rest all climbed into a couple of pedalos! Phoebe did get in the pedalo after a bit of rowing in hers, she got up quite a speed when she got going so it isn't surprising her arms got tired!

Phoebe, Rowan and Clara's highlight of the day was their quest to kill the fly population of France. I should add that for reasons best known to themselves all sights of flies have resulted in excessive girly squealing and over the top tears! However I am not entirely sure any of us were ready for the three girls marching into the living room with Rowan leading them to the flies, Clara following behind holding a daisy and saying "Buzz buzz" to entice them out and Phoebe bringing up the rear with the fly swat ready to thwack them!

Phoebe also managed to make a highly amusing appearance at the top of the stairs to our bedroom in full view of the entire population of the living room wearing only a pair of Hello Kitty knickers and carrying a, thankfully empty, bottle of Kronenbourg! Bless her she wasn't in the slightest bit put out when all 6 adults collapsed in fits of giggles.

You can say what you like about the 4 of them but they are usually highly entertaining! Mores tales from the mountains when I get a minute or two!

Friday, 22 July 2011

End of an Era.

Clara is no longer a Preschooler. As of 12.30 this afternoon she no longer attends our fabulous preschool. In September she will be joining the ranks of Butterflies at Primary School. She had a wicked last day at preschool. Lots of fun and laughter and playing with her best buddy F. We gave them the tutus and tiaras we had made in the morning so they could be put away with the rest of the dressing up clobber in readiness for September. Then at 12.30 I came up to school and bought the presents we had made for the staff and Becky's extra special pressie.

Clara and I made Pinwheel Flowers yesterday using some little flower pots and matching pinwheels we found in John Lewis. We had lots of fun with the clay to go in the bottom and Clara absolutely adored running around this afternoon giving out her presents. They went down a treat with everyone which I am glad about! Then we gave Becky her pressie which was another Momiji doll to go with the one Phoebe bought her last year. I also managed to find a card that said something along the lines of "All I need is a nice tiara and a cape and I could save the world" which struck me as a very Clara thing to say!

We have been so lucky in having the wonderful Becky as the girls Keyworker. Not only have we worked closely together when the girls have been upset but she has supported me amazingly through all sorts and has become a good friend. Both of my girls adore Becky and Phoebe was thrilled to bits that she was able to come and cheer her on at sports day! The girls also both adore Becky's girls which is ace and nothing gets the shrieks of joy going more than telling them they get to spend time with M & A! I am sad that Becky won't be caring for the girls anymore but I think I am lucky in that she will certainly be in their lives for a long time to come!

It was also the end of Primary School today so Phoebe graduated from being a Butterfly to a Sparrow. Her new teacher Miss B is lovely and Phoebe is very excited to be going into year one! Phoebe and her two friends L and N made cards for all the teachers last night and us devoted Mummies pooled our resources and got the teachers a pamper voucher each as a thank you for all their hard work. As a special treat for the children we took the kids to an ice cream parlour for the hugest ice creams you have ever seen! It was noisy, pink, filled to the brim with sugar... they loved it!

I am glad that we finished Reception on such a high in lots of different ways. It has taken me a while but I have made two fabby friends in E and S and it is such fun hanging out with them and their gorgeous boys! In a funny way the friendship was absolutely sealed today by discovering how far we could lower the tone. Sounds a bit mad but if you can't lower the tone considerably with friends... In this case it was smirking over the word Flaps. Yes we really are that purile!

Today has had 2 big endings but, unusually for me, I can see worlds of possibilities lying ahead of me which is rather nice! Lots of things to look forward to over the summer and lots of things to look forward to in the new academic year!

Clara-ism of the week!

Clara (AKA Bear) is not a morning person. She is especially not a morning person when she has to be woken up instead of waking up herself. She is really really really not a morning person when she has to be woken up and showered in the morning as Daddy got nattering to some friends last night and brought the girls home late... but anyway I digress! Paul was in the shower with Phoebe and asked me to get Clara up and ready for the shower. Eventually I cajolled Clara out of bed and into a cuddle but she was determined not to go in the shower. Paul asked if she was grumpy... I responded "Does a bear poo in the woods?!" and Clara raised her head off my shoulder and shouted:

I do NOT poo in the woods!

There may have been some falling about laughing after that, but she succeeded and went to school for her last day unwashed but dressed as Snow White...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tulle everywhere....must be the end of term!

Why o why o why do I always leave things until the last minute?!

Clara finishes Preschool tomorrow so tonight I have 6 tutus to make. Thankfully I have already made the felt tiaras to go with them. When Phoebe left I made superhero capes:

So for Clara's departure I thought I had better go a little bit more pink and girlified. Especially as her teacher tends to refer to them, particularly Clara, as The Pink Princesses!

I am dreading tomorrow, I just know I am going to sob as my baby leaves Preschool for the last time!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The 30 seconds of peace phenomenon.

So picture the scene. You have two children. Generally you put one child in the front and one in the back, both on the passenger side of the car. How long does it take you to walk around to the drivers side?

You would think nano seconds as it isn't a huge distance but you would be wrong. It takes as long as possible because those seconds walking around the car are the last quiet moments you are likely to get until you deposit the children else where! Inside the car you can dimly hear the sound of the children preserving breath ready for a however-long-the-journey-is monologue of their stream of consciousness!

I love them dearly but ever single thought that crosses their minds comes out of their mouths whilst they are in the car. And you are required to listen, and answer appropriately. Or is that just my children on that last bit... or to specify the younger one! So that precious gap of a few seconds before you enter the encloses space is so so needed!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Proud Oddmother checking in!

Yesterday the lovely Rachel (aka The Rubbish Pregno) gave birth to 7lbs 8oz of baby girl gorgeousness! Making myself and Paul Oddparents for the first time! They asked us last time we saw them and we, of course, were thrilled and said yes! Polly is just beyond precious and I am so chuffed! We now have to plan an invasion for squishy cuddles, handing over of pressies and, as an aside, fixing of laptops! I can't wait :D

Congratulations Rachel, Ben and Ikey! Enjoy your new status as a family of 4... it rocks!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I stood up and was counted.

Today I went into London to meet up with some t'internet weirdy friends to attend the Pro Choice Demo that was taking place opposite the houses of Parliament today. I attended to protect my children losing their right to an abortion should the need arise. I sincerely hope it doesn't for them but I want them to have the choice as to what they want for their body and their life. Simple really, no one else should legislate against a woman's choices over her own body!

Friday, 8 July 2011

The moment we should have known we were doomed...

When you walk into the kitchen after your child has been bugging you for food and you discover this:

Phoebe was 2.5 years old!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A few corkers from Phoebe's folder...

Tonight was parents evening for Phoebe. She has nearly finished reception and after a glowing report I wasn't too concerned about it this time (I was a nervous wreck at her first one!). She has entertained her teachers no end, loves learning and is doing really well in school! We took home her folder to have a quick peruse of what Phoebe has been up to in class and there are some real corkers in there that I would like to share with you:

On a fly coming into the classroom:

I have a plan! Let's get an old woman in like in the story and she can eat it! That's my plan!

On having a blind tasting session with a pineapple:

[spitting it out] Urgh! I don't like this, it has pineapple juice in it!

On going out into the playground on a chilly day:

I don't need my jacket! I am going to run around and get warm!

On driving the school scooters:

I'm a good driver! I beep my horn when someone is in my way...

From coming in from the outside play area:

I think I found a Meteorite! I think it fell from the sky! (it was a rock)

We are so proud of her! She is doing so brilliantly and, more to the point, LOVING learning which is just what we want for her! She is such a funny bright little girl but also loving and kind. Couldn't ask for more in a child really could we!

Life just doesn't get better than this...

Peace and quiet, Humous Flower for lunch and a Disney Princess Annual.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A proud day today.

First up it is Clara and her Ballet Open Day. She has been doing ballet for the last (school) year and absolutely ADORES it! She was positively humming with excitement today as she knew I was coming in to watch her dancing. Alas we weren't allowed to do video and I am way to scared of Miss Penny to attempt a stealth vid! However I did get some lovely pictures of her!

Warming up!
Doing the Fishfinger Dance... I am not kidding!
My little ballerina!

She was brilliant and is going up a class now to join her sister in Pre-Primary (yes both in the same class for a term... mwa ha ha ha!).

I am also very proud of Phoebe. We got her school year end report home and she is doing brilliantly. She is ahead of where she was expected to be in loads of areas and seems to just adore learning! She is a bright wee cookie that girl and as a reward for such a good report she has been allowed to watch some Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. She has seriously impressed me with her knowledge of the Harry Potter Universe, even to the point that instead of telling us Harry got a Broomstick she told us he got a Nimbus 2000! She is so funny at the moment!

I don't have a recent pic of her so instead here she is showing off her other amazing skill... hulahooping!

I had an awesome weekend, hope you did too!

This weekend I saw my oldest mate get hitched to his lovely lovely new wife! I was asked if I would do the photography for them so I got prime location for piccy taking too (of which I now have approximately 380 photos to work through....). Here is a sneaky pic of one that just shows how delighted they are to be married and how in love too...

It was a fabulous day, the weather was warm but not too sunny, the pimms was cold, food delicious and company was excellent! I really truly couldn't be happier for them! I was delighted too that I got a thank you in the speeches (really wasn't expecting that!) and a gorgeous necklace as a thank you (also totally unexpected). I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends!

I also completed my Super Secret Project this weekend. I haven't been able to blog about this as the recipient reads the blog and it was a total stealth project! However my lovely Aunt, Cally, was diagnosed with Cancer earlier this year. It hit her, and the family quite hard and personally I felt the need to DO something. Alas there is very little one can do except offer support but something I made last year for my Step Sister's Hen got me thinking. So together with Mum we contacted as many of Cally's friends and rellies and got them to make patches for a quilt. Which I then sewed together on Friday / Saturday. I took it into her in hospital yesterday as a surprise and she was absolutely thrilled with it. Now when she is feeling grim she can curl up under her quilt and remember how much everyone loves her and is always there with her in spirit when she needs us. I know it isn't quite the same thing but in my worst depression days just knowing there were people who loved me come what may and what I was fighting for was a great help. I hope the same counts for Cally as there really are so many people who love her!

Friday, 1 July 2011

School here we come!

Ahhh the face of innocence:

Yeah right, if you believe that you will believe anything! Alas this is the girl who KNOWS she is cute and not only uses this to her benefit but one might well be spot on to describe it as a weapon of mass destruction too! She has social skills far advanced for a 3 year old... always has and it is very very easy to forget that she is actually only 3! The child can work a crowd brilliantly!

I had Clara's Reception Parents School Meeting today! Thankfully she is a Butterfly (this has been an ongoing worry as she has had numerous strops about being a Dragonfly) and the lovely Miss P and Mrs M who currently teach Phoebe will also be teaching Clara. Ergo they are wise to her cunning tricks. I am very relieved to say the least as Mr J (Dragonfly teacher) failed Clara's test by [shock horror] not noticing she had her hair cut. Oh how I wish I was joking! Those that know her know I am not!

So now we just need to get her uniform sorted, we have dresses and shirts but no jumpers yet. She needs a PE bag and her PE kit doing. She has her playground posse sorted (Phoebe's friends L and N who think Clara can do no wrong as she is, and I quote, "Too Cute"... oh dear). She can't wait to start although she is reluctant to leave Preschool and her Doppleganger F!

So batten down the hatches Primary School! The Bear cometh!