Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I love the randomness of children.

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You never know what game you are going to walk into. For some reason Clara dragged the box of megablocks into the kitchen, emptied them out and made a boat out of the box. Phoebe was doing something involving the animals in the living room, I wasn't in on the drama (and there always is a drama!) but she was happy.

I love how they use their imaginations and how you can see them working through concepts in their play. Phoebe is very focused on death at the moment. I think it stems to the Lion King movie as the characters seem to be Simba, Moonfasa and Scarf (Phoebe's pronunciations) but after seeing the show with Grannie & Grande NO hyenas! Her play is noisy and shouty and as I mentioned above VERY dramatic.

Clara is quieter (unless she wants something Phoebe has whereupon all hell is unleashed!) and more thoughtful about her play, she loves her baby very much and anything cuddly. She also likes to boss people around so she is more than happy to sit on a knee and tell you to alternately "Go Sleep!" and then " 'AKE UP!". She likes to lead you around and place you where she wants you to be. She loves to be read too and comment on it.

We had good fun today, Clara and I had a fab swimming lesson this morning where she exhibited her fish like skills and decided that jumping was for wimps and diving was the way forward (I should add that once an idea is in her head it is harder to remove than bright blue paint from your favourite top...). We have started the process of preparing her for the next class up when she will go in without me (HURRAH!), I don't think there will be a problem but as she is skipping a class entirely to make it easier for us (the only real class she should be in is at 1.30 and Phoebe swims at 4.30, we would be there all afternoon, they are trying to get her into a 3.30 class for me) I think a little preparation wouldn't go a miss really. I just have to break her of the habit of breaststroke and get her back onto paddling now!

Phoebe apparently took Gogoi (her imaginary friend) to school and he misbehaved and poor Mybecky had to tell him to get off the ceiling several times. She really is a saint for putting up with the all the funny thing the kids throw at her! Phoebe also did a cracking picture of our family, including a passable cat and, of course, Gogoi. She swam at 4.30 and did brilliantly, she is really blossoming now she is in a higher class and isn't bored. And at the end they got to play races which she just LOVED even though she didn't win!

I am shattered now and I have sore thumbs [sob] I have a horrid feeling that this a family trait as I know Mum has weak thumbs and Grannie certainly does. I know I haven't damaged them in anyway recently so it is a bit worrying. I have to see the doc soon so I will add it to the list of woes for them. Oh lucky doc!

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l'optimiste said...

Want to see the picture of the family, cat and Gogoi. Particularly Gogoi!