Monday, 18 January 2010


I had a fantastic day yesterday. We had lunch with our friends and planned our Summer Holiday to France. We are all driving over in a minibus to Mum's house in the Alps. 4 adults, 4 children and 2 incar DVD players. I really can't wait to go! However in all the fun I forgot to take a photograph, hence the Oops!

Lunch was delicious and I have now identified a new vegetable I like. On the Veg thing, I don't like a lot of them. I blame school dinners for this and the overcooked revolting texture I can't get out of my head. I eat peas, sweetcorn, asparagus, leeks, parsnips, salad and a lot veg raw and now I can add in red cabbage in port, yum! Contrary to popular belief I actually wish I liked more veg but I just can't get passed the texture thing, bleurgh. Anyway, for lunch we had a fantastic roast leg of lamb, roasty spuds and the aforementioned cabbage. What I really like about eating with these friends is that their little girl has a very similar diet to mine so I don't have to be embarrassed about it! For pud we had the tirimisu I made the day before. One downside is that I still have a delicate stomach from the day before. And I forgot too much rich food and a delicate stomach = a sore belly for the night. Ah well, it was so good it was worth it!

The girls had a fabulous time yesterday too. They play so well with Lexi & Rowan, Ro & Clara in particular are a fab team. Clara is just young enough to idolise Ro enough to do what she says and Ro loves nothing better than a small girl who will do what she wants! Phoebe spent the day enthralled by Monsters Vs Aliens and Spirited Away and Lexi once again got quote of the day! Coming from a boy who didn't talk until he was, erm, 5 or 6 due to autism hearing his comments and perspective is a joy. This one was in response to Phoebe playing with his Buzz Lightyear:

"That's my Space Ranger! Get your own!"

Got to love that boy! I also adore how he has to interrupt conversations to tell vitally important things like "My fingers are crossed!" he is fantastic.

So in conclusion, no picture but I had a fab day so I don't mind!


Michael said...

Lexi actually started talking at three, but we only got sentences with more than one word when he first started going to school almost exactly two years ago (so four and a half).

And if I remember rightly, the exact wording of yesterday's quote was "Phoebe, that's mine! Get your own space ranger toy!"

Vix said...

Thanks for clarifying Mike, my brain is a bit wiped at the moment and I was trying to remember the time lines properly but couldn't. Still fab to hear him talk in such ace sentences though!