Sunday, 30 August 2009

Squeak Piggy Squeak!

So apparently I have Swine Flu... just what I need. Still could be worse I suppose, the children could have it! I seem to be blessed with remarkably hardy children who rarely suffer with colds etc. I say suffer because they do get them but they don't seem to get knocked for six by them. When they do get ill, oh boy they get ill. Never will I forget the purple vomitfest that was the stomach bug Clara developed after Phoebe's 3rd birthday party. Poor love was so ill, thankfully it was only a 24 hr thing and she was back on form just in time for her sister to get it. Phoebe, being older, understood what was happening and was actually quite frightened of it, consequently Paul and I slept in her room that night. We got it the next night and oh lord then I felt REALLY sorry for the poor girls!

They do also seem to have precision timing for these sickness and illness boughts. The most spectuacular was Phoebe's outbreak of Chicken Pox shortly after her first birthday. Wouldn't have been too bad if we hadn't discovered she had it in the bathroom's of Geneva Airport having just got off the plane from Gatwick. This was A Very Bad Thing as it is most contagious before the spots break out and whilst they are still blistery. It was even more of a Bad Thing as we had seen one newly pregnant friend and one very pregnant friend... both of whom couldn't remember if they had suffered from CP as a child. Whoopsy! I was also 6 weeks pregnant with Clara but I vividly remember CP from my childhood so I decided against worrying.

Anyway, back to me and the pig flu... so far I have no curly tail or snout so I think I am ok. I am not going to take the antivirals. Mostly because both collection points are a royal pain in the backside to get to and I am not the biggest fan of taking meds unless they are prescibed by a proper doctor and not some internet site. I am , however, mainlining lemsip which is keeping my temp under control and stemming the nose flow. I just have to hope the girls stay clear as I REALLY want Phoebe to be able to go back to Preschool next Monday!

Friday, 28 August 2009

How old for brand awareness?

This happened last week but I wanted to check with my lovely friend before telling it. Thankfully she doesn't mind. Thanks An'bel xx

So, it was hometime at Clara's party and because the lovely Annabel came by public transport she was loading her two fab children into the pushchair and sling. The birthday girl came out and pointed at her and her sling and decalred


to which my lovely friend replied:

"No darling, it's not an Ergo, it's a BBO"

there was a little pause before she realised that Clara was infact pointing to her son, Hugo...

Now I know brand awareness is becoming a younger and younger thing (sorry girls, you have a Mummy who doesn't particularly "do" brands... I certainly resent paying to essentially be a walking advert!) but perhaps they are more based around Barbie vs Sindy (does Sindy even still exist?) or worse yet those awful awful Bratz things (only over my dead body!) than the make of a sling, especially in a 2 yr old!

Slings are one area where I lift my brand ban... my faves are Moby for teeny weenys, Babyhawks for those who don't like the faff of a wrap sling (added bonus of they last a long time) and a woven wrap for older cuddly babes. My only regret with slings is that I didn't discover them until Clara was conceived, thank heavens I did as she was a proper full on Velcro Baby. I really miss having a teeny weeny baby all cuddled up in a sling... now if I get one out for restraint purposes you see neither child for dust (although Clara is partial to a spot of Ring Slinging when fatigue gets the better of her)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Never, ever take your children to your Smear test....

Well I now know this lesson. Last time they came they were too young to comment. Now at 3.5 Phoebe sees it as her duty to commentate. So, anyway there I am up on the couch stripped from the waist down and assuming the position when the little voice pops up:

"whatchoo doin' Mummy? What nurse doing?"

I respond that, as we had discussed prior to leaving the house, the nurse was checking Mummy's bits for her and it didn't hurt. Silence settled in, now normally I wouldn't mind but knowing Phoebe the silence meant she was processing this little bit of information ready for a more indepth discussion later and with a Tesco trip planned, well you can imagine the sinking feeling.

Anyway as it turns out I didn't have to worry about Tesco. Once I was clothed, stickers were applied to children for behaving and we opened the door to return to the (incidentally rather full) waiting room on the other side, it happened. My lovely 3.5 yr old in the ringing voice that children reserve for just such occasions rang out with:

"Thank you nice nurse for looking after Mummy's bits, it very 'portant and she all better now!"

that faint titter ran around the waiting room and I resumed my chair to wait for my doctors appt. Well I couldn't leave... my face may have stopped traffic!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I am domestic Goddess, hear me drink my gin!

It was Clara's 2nd birthday the other day, how my baby is 2 is beyond me. She was born in my living room (planned, well it would have been a bit odd having the birthpool all set up just incase) 2 yrs ago on the 20th August. To celebrate we planned a day in London Zoo with Grannie & Grande, then on the Saturday a party with all her little friends.

I can heartily recommend London Zoo as a day out and there is a 2for1 offer on at the moment with National Rail (if you are in London and need a way around it buy the cheapest single you can find and blag it, that is what we did after some serious ranting about discrimiation against those who use Oyster...). The girls especially loved the Tigers, Lions, Penguins, Giraffes and the new Adventure Zone. I was most proud of myself for adequately researching where we were going for a change as I discovered that said Adventure Zone had now got a water feature... a stream. Towels, bathers and change of clothes were duely packed and used to their fullest potential! We neatly managed to miss all the organised stuff somehow but it didn't really matter! The Tiger was asleep near the window and provided much hilarity doing the Dramatic Lemur impression everytime Clara moved (small pink & chubby = lunch?). Phoebe loved the giraffe the best as she could climb onto the platform and see it face to face whilst it was having a munch of the branches.

Best thing of all because I was working in Reading the next day my Husband and I left the girls with Grannie & Grande for the night and went for Sushi... what a perfect birthday celebration. Of course the girls were angels and went straight to bed for G&G and gave them a lie in too. Wouldn't have happened at home!

On Saturday it was party day... now seeing as we were out all day on Thursday, I was working in Reading (an hour and a bit drive) the next day and then it was party on Saturday the prep was crammed in as fast as possible. I baked the cake late on Thursday night, I was doing a ladybird so it was in a pyrex bowl which I have never baked in before.... there was much holding of breath! Then I also decided to make the party bags, yes make, with calico my new sewing machine and some ribbon... all hands to pump. Paul was on cutting out and ironing duty and I was on seams. Went well and I was pleased with our produce. Anyway, on Friday night (after having been up since 7am, 3 hr round trip and having spent the day taking pictures and entertaining my models (all of whom are under 4)) I iced the ladybird. Paul was despatched to Sainsburys with the shopping list and did very well. Next morning being Saturday it was all hands to the pump to clear up the house and make it habitable (this is harder than it sounds with 2 small "helpers") thankfully we successfully bribed Clara into bed for a much needed sleep. Guests arrived and a marvellous time was had by all! My favourite moment was when Paul dashed in to show us a video he had taken of one of our guests hiding in the bin (not the wheelie, the bin we use to keep the ball pit balls in). Kids gotta love em!

Fabulous few days but alcohol was required to recover! Hurrah for White Wine!

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Clara-Bear

Age: 2
Attitude: Generally sunny but with sudden attacks of The Rage.
Likes: Monkey, Dummy, her sister, food.
Dislikes: Doing anything she doesn't want to do.
Favourite Saying: "No" or "Bibi!"

The Phoebe Monster

Age: 3.5
Attitude: Lots
Likes: Moose, Brum, Swimming, Grannie, Pizza
Dislikes: Anything that may be good for her foodwise.
Favourite Saying: "I don't know"

My cousin-in-law made me do it....

Sandhy this is just for you!

I am Vix, I am 31 and I have 2 daughters. Their names are Phoebe and Clara, they are 3.5 and 2. Phoebe is going to make the world beautiful in her own little way, probably involving stickers, glitter and copious amounts of paint. Clara is going to invent A Big Red Button. You have been warned!

Clara is affectionately known by several nicknames, I call her the Kamikaze Kid a friend of ours calls her The Stealth Ninja... the reasons for these names will become apparent as I type on I should think. Phoebe is generally just called Bibi in varying tones.