Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today Paul is 31, on his birthday the only thing he asks for is a fry up in the morning so I dutifully bought in the bacon and sausages yesterday. We had also been out and bought him a present before Phoebe's swimming lesson on Tuesday, we popped into the big toy shop behind swimming and bought him an Optimus Prime transformer toy and keyring. Oh I looked a numpty in the shop, having not really ever paid attention to Transformers it was a bit overwhelming and I had to get a person what worked there to help. I may have gone a bit pink when I had to respond to the "how old are they?" question with "31". Ah well, the reason I bought them was because whilst he has always been a fan of transformers he has never had one of the toys! Shocking! Anyway, Optimus Prime is now in pride of place on his desk at work:

Anyway, I made his fry up for breakfast and the girls were delighted with a sausage each for breakfast, and again at lunch time! Then this afternoon we set to making a chocolate cake for him on his return. It was bedlam, thank heavens for my beloved Kenwood as it kept it contained. I was also lucky that I had a couple of pots of dairy free marg (makes awesome cakes!) left over from Phoebe's birthday in December. I made the buttercream with real butter though. I am also lucky that he is a man of simple tastes so an easy chocolate Victoria Sponge was all that was needed, although I did jazz it up with a bit of silver lustre. He has steak and red wine in Yorkshire pud for supper with more cake for afters. I hope he enjoys it (I will too... nom!).

Happy Birthday my darling boy, it was a lucky day that I met you  and it has been an amazing 7 years together and I hope the rest of our years together are just as fab. Big snogs darling x

Maybe after you have washed your face eh?

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l'optimiste said...

aww - so nice!! happy birthday Paul!!!