Monday, 1 March 2010

Ask a silly question...

I should know better really shouldn't I.

It is world book day on Thursday and to celebrate Preschool are having a dress up week. This is fine as we now have lots of things so today Phoebe went as Super Phoebe in the cape I made her for Rowan and Lexi's Christmas Party and Clara went as Upsy Daisy. Tomorrow it is just Phoebe and she will be going as a Princess. On Wednesday Clara will go as a Princess and Phoebe as a mermaid and I think Friday will be fairy day for the pair of them.

However, as Thursday is actually World Book Day I thought Phoebe should go asan actual book character. So I made the mistake of asking Phoebe what she wanted to be. The answer.... A Gruffalo. Oh help, Oh no... not a Gruffalo! For those non parents who are ignorant of the existance of this creature here he is:


so dead easy huh?! I am going to have to put my thinking cap on here aren't I.


Mrs M said...

Eyes - orange
tongue - black
and PURPLE PRICKLES ALL OVER HIS BACK! (Isaac's favourite bit)

hmmm... don't envy you that one!

Vix said...

I am hoping I can find some orange lensed glasses and I can do the rest with face paints / my make up. I need to source a brown tracksuit that ISN'T velour (why is it people think brown = velour [shudder]} and crack out the sewing machine.