Tuesday, 30 March 2010

1st trip to A&E

And you will be amazed when I tell you it wasn't the result of The Kamikaze Kid.

Phoebe somehow slipped off her chair face forwards into the bathstone fire surround! She absolutely thumped her head open and had about a half and inch gash that absolutely poured blood, one look was enough to see that it needed more intervention than I could provide. Thankfully Clara was back in nappies so I got Phoebe to hold some cotton wool to her head whilst I got Clara's shoes on. I whipped both girls out to the car and we were on the road within 5 minutes of it happening.

As we were driving down to A&E Phoebe was, of course, very distressed so I told her I was taking her to see a doctor. She howled blue murder and declared she didn't want to see a doctor, she wanted to see a vet! Not wishing to argue with her I amended everything to be going to the vet. We were seen very quickly on arrival. One gentleman in the main waiting room admonished me for not calling an ambulance because they had the kit needed to sort her out. Honestly, it is any wonder that the ambulance service is so stretched if people call them just to sort out a cut forehead, if I hadn't been quite so worried I would have provided him with a well deserved tongue lashing!

Anyway, we had a small issue with triage in the children's A&E because Phoebe was very frightened of all the stuff. She wouldn't let the nurse take her temperature or put the sats monitor on because she was so scared and upset. I had my temp taken and my sats done and still nothing. Then I came up with a brainwave of how we would test the equipment out for Great Grandfer because he is having an operation soon and he would feel so much better if he knew that Phoebe had made sure nothing was scary first. Under this guise she consented and was pleasantly surprised that nothing hurt.

Then we saw the nurse practitioner who fixed her head. She had to make sure Phoebe wasn't concussed so, after checking with me that she had cried straight away and that she hadn't been sick etc, she asked Phoebe a few questions. We had who I was,What time of day it was etc. All answered within reason of a 4 yr old. Then the nurse asked what kind of building we were in and Phoebe answered "The Vets! like where Kit went". I then had to explain about the strop earlier and that to placate her I had said yes we were going to the vets. As an added extra bonus question the nurse asked about Kit's ouchie and Phoebe gave a very thorough description about the fox bite.

When it came to cleaning and gluing again Phoebe was not happy with this idea. So we told her how brave Kit was and also that if she was really brave we would go to the toy shop afterwards for a prize. I was amazed at how brave she was with the cleaning and steri strips.

Once all that was done we said thank you and then we headed to the toy shop for the prize. She has chosen a little fur real baby panda thing that squeaks. She also got a chocolate lollipop to counter any shock!

So 4 yrs 3 months into motherhood and we have our first A&E visit. As it has taken me all afternoon and evening to recover! I hope it is a long long time before we have to go again!

Binning the potty training...

She ain't ready and I need to be able to actually GO places this holiday!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Potty Training... Mark 2.

Potty training Phoebe was quite easy. She got used to running around naked in the summer and we slowly encouraged her to use the potty when she was sans bottoms. Clara is a more modest creature... well occasionally, she is the child who christened our new living room rug by stripping off and rolling around on it! Anyway, she doesn't like being naked on any one's terms but hers! This morning she happened to strip off so the momentum got me, we haven't got much on this week that requires leaving the house (me, not leave the house if I can get away with it... ahem) so I thought why not!

The end of the day result was Potty:1 Pants:1. She was sans nappy from around 11am until 6.30pm and weed once! I know Phoebe has an iron bladder but dear lordy me... Clara can really hold on. I had been loading her with drink all day so it was the last drink that pushed her over the edge, it was chocolate milkshake (a reward for helping me in the garden!) and she was most upset as she was convinced she had weed pure chocolate milkshake and she wanted it back! She did, however, poo on the potty much to my surprise! She does tell me now that "wee wee goes in the potty and not on the floor!". Phoebe added the last bit in and gleefully told her Daddy when he got in about Clara's accident! She needed a little reminder that she had accidents too when she was learning to use the potty.

Anyway, day 2 tomorrow. Including a swimming lesson (swim nappy will be on until I can trust her a bit more). I hope Daddy remembers to put Clara in her "nic-nics" in the morning!

The assault on the garden continues.

Today Phoebe, Clara and I dug over the front garden... well I did most of it. Poor neglected space has been covered with weed suppressant and stones for, well, a long time. So after Paul and the girls removed all the stones to the  back garden (making a large bed look finished!) at the weekend. Today I got out the fork and worked it through, raked it, admired various bugs and worms like a dedicated mother and stopped mud fights.

Tomorrow we will dig the chicken poo in (apologies in advance to my neighbours, it is a necessary evil!) and get as many of the stones out as we can (heouge stone not withstanding, although I have dug it out so it just needs moving). Then we will go to swimming via B&Q and purchase a few bags of topsoil to rake over the top to smooth it out. On Wednesday we will pop out to the garden centre and buy a sufficient amount of turf and lay it. I will also buy the plants for my lovely planter and a nice round paving stone. On Wednesday afternoon Paul is home so I can go to a de-loony appointment so he can move everything into position and do the finishing touches. Hopefully the traditional bank holiday weather will prevail over Chez Vix (whilst it will be sunny and lovely in Wiltshire where we are spending the holiday, well I can dream!) and nature will water everything in nicely.

Photos to follow when it is complete!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ufff! What a weekend!

Yesterday I had two photoshoots, they went fabulously! However the journeying to and between them was HORRID! I encountered roadworks, emergency road closure, an out of date parking system and then the coppers (who thankfully let me off with a slapped wrist, I had forgotten to put my seatbelt on in all the fluster getting out of the carpark to get down the road to the clients house. Stupid of me!). Getting home was great and I was in bed and asleep by 9.30, practically unheard of!

Whilst I was out of the house Paul and the girls dug the raised bed over and planted onions, garlic and parsnips. They also planted tomatoes and some lettuce, we just have some peppers and rocket to do. Oh and a pumpkin which we do on my birthday... I hope it fruits and it survives this year!

Paul let me have a lie in this morning because it was clear I was dead to the world and totally banjaxxed when the girls got up! When I got up we went to the garden centre as we decided today was the day to sort out my herb garden. We found 6 herbs for £10 and a gorgeous clematis for the (newly de-stoned thanks to Paul's hard work yesterday) front garden to make the wall onto the pavement look a bit prettier. We also bought 6 terracota pots and 3 pot hangers and a few other bits. When we got home we first hung up my gorgeous newly made notice board (using the  fabric I bought at the craft fayre):

Then we set to planting and putting up the pot hangers. I also painted the names of the herbs on the pots for easy identification purposes. I am very pleased with the end result:

We then attacked pruning the Passion Flower along one side of the garden. It didn't cope too well with the snow this winter so there was a lot to hack back. I then potted the clematis (we don't want want it to go nuts!) in the front and we had a quick move around of pots and some chicken poo distribution and we are finally done!

We also have a plan to pretty up the front, we are going to dig it over (with chicken poo) flatten it and then turf it! We were going to make it a flower bed but we both think it will look cleaner turfed. We have a lovely pot we took from my late Grandfather's garden that I am going to plant up with a few trailers and something statementy in the middle.

Gardening is SO satisfying!

Friday, 26 March 2010

So we got our school result.

It isn't good. It was our 3rd choice, emergency choice, the one we put just so we didn't end up in a church school. I shouldn't have written it on the form, I had a wibble about it just after closing date and it was too late. Boy I regret it now (although we could still have ended up there!).

I drove up past it yesterday, it is still a building site so we can't go and look around. Whilst googling the location I found the advert for the Headteacher so we can't even talk to them and find out the ethos of the school. I have a bit of insider information too which isn't good. I really couldn't be more upset about it all.

At 12 noon yesterday I checked the results. I quickly called Paul to tell him and then I was straight on the phone to the LEA to get on waiting lists for our other choices and to express my upset. I will be calling them back later to go on the waiting list for another school near Mybecky's house because I would rather travel 20 minutes in the car twice a day than send her to the school we have been allocated. Her girls go to that school so if it works better for me to take Phoebe over to Becky's house early to avoid traffic then so be it.

ETA: I just got the letter, we were out of the catchment for our other 2 schools by 100yrds. 100 poxy bloody yards!

I is one unhappy Mummy who could do without this stress!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

So proud!

Yesterday I got a headache, I took 2 anadin liquidfast and carried on. However when I got in the car to go to collect Phoebe from school I realised I as rapidly approaching migraine turf. I got up to school and back, by the time we got back I had fireworks in one eye and my head hurt so much I felt sick. Tuesdays are not a good day to get sick as the girl's have swimming lessons in the afternoon. I called Paul to ask him to come home so he could take them, he said he would try but there wasn't really enough cover in the office, he called back a few minutes later saying he wouldn't come because the engineer who was out and about would be at least another 2 hours. I managed to make the girls sandwiches, get them up to the table, gave up the idea of swimming and collapsed on the sofa.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was about 30 - 40 minutes later and my head was feeling a bit better. I sat up to realise that I had really fallen asleep and wondered where the girls were. The last thing I remember hearing was Phoebe telling Clara to eat the rest of her sandwich. I looked around to the front door and saw a chair there. I called to Phoebe to find out where she was and it turns out she had taken my iphone upstairs to my bed, with Clara and had been entertaining Clara up there for the time I was asleep. I asked her about the chair and she told me she had moved it there so she could see out of the peephole in case anyone came to the door. Not only that but she had managed to get Clara to eat all her lunch (no small feat!).

She is 4 years old, 5 in December and I really couldn't be more proud of her! She is such a kind generous little girl. Even today, at her Easter Concert, when I knew she was desperate to be one of the children with a penny for the currant buns song. She was cheering on all the children who got their names pulled out of a hat and got to go up. At lunch she voluntarily shared her garlic bread with her Daddy. And this afternoon she played so beautifully with my friend Catherine's little girls Tabitha and Clementine! We haven't seen them for such a long time and yet Phoebe remembered them and ran and gave Tabitha a big cuddle as soon as she saw her and has been talking about Tabfa and Clemmie all evening! They were so funny looking at all the rabbits and fish at Polhill Garden Centre! So sweet to see.

I love my big girl so much and I am so proud of her!

Whoops... what a numpty!

I got the day wrong, we find out about the school place tomorrow at 12 noon and not today. I get so confused between dates and days sometimes! What a pillock I really am!

When I realised this mistake I sobbed as it meant another 24 hrs of waiting! Will my nails survive... who knows! Roll on midday tomorrow I say!

Monday, 22 March 2010

2 days until we find out about Big School....

Phoebe will be 5 in December, therefore we have applied for a school place for her. As Pagans it is important to us that Phoebe and Clara go to a non denominational school. I have no problem with them learning about other faiths what so ever, in fact I actively encourage it. They know that Grannie and Grande go to church when they can and that Jesus was born on Christmas Day (small issue with wanting birthday cake and insisting on singing Happy Birthday to Jesus last year, but it was entertaining!). I think it is healthy to be all accepting of people's beliefs.

However I also work hard at telling them about the things we celebrate, the wheel of the year and the movement through the seasons. At Yule (21st December) we have lots of traditions like decorating our tree and celebrating the return of the light to the world, in the spring we celebrate and notice the new life coming all around us and so forth. They know the pendant I wear around my neck is The Goddess who represents the earth and loves us as a mother. When they get older I will introduce the idea of The God too, but as that involves reproduction I will hold off for a while lol! It is important to me to pass on the values and respect for not just other people but everything around us that my faith holds.

Anyway, there are only 3 non denominational schools in our area. School choice one is slightly further away but very bright and with a lovely head mistress and it is also an infant school. School choice two is closer but a bit, well, grey for us I think, I can't explain any more than that really! School choice three is the only other non denominational school in the area, we didn't get to meet the headteacher or even see the building as they are moving so we have no real idea about it but it was non denominational so given the option of that and a denominational school it was the better option for us.

We get the result on Wednesday and I am terrified! It is mad that I have to make these huge decisions for Phoebe and Clara, I am barely capable to make big decisions for myself never mind the girls! I am getting more and more edgy as the day gets closer, some school one vibes would be very much appreciated! I find out on Wednesday at 12noon (yes I will be trying to log on to the internet system at 12.00.01 to find out and put myself out of the stress I am feeling it now!) and I just want to know NOW!

Don't even get me started on school uniform shopping, I am half debating making a Phoebe / Mummy day for school clothes shopping or just going out and doing it (except shoes of course!). Sooooo many choices [head explodes!].

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My feet hurt!

Today I went to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia. Paul works below the lovely people at Twisted Thread and managed to get me free tickets! An internet weirdy friend Jackie came with us and bought her lovely husband Lee and her fantastic daughter Linnhe too. Phoebe was so excited about meeting her new friend, I did consider calling and warning Olympia what was coming but decided against it!

We had a lovely lunch in Wagamammas and then headed off, to the wrong place. Well I didn't know that Earls Court and Olympia weren't the same place lol! Anyway, a short while later we arrived at the right place and we dispatched the Daddies and the girls down stairs to the restaurant with a collection of DVD's, 2 DVD players and a safe knowledge we could then browse in peace! I spotted a fabulous fabric store and some lovely ginghams that I fancied as PJs for the girls. Jackie and I looked around some more and then headed downstairs to check on everyone. We didn't find them right away but we did fine some Big Knitting... when I say Big I mean BIG! There was someone knitting with needles easily the length of my living room and as wide as mug! It was seriously impressive! We then spotted Phoebe racing around like a loon (what's new there then!) and had a quick drink and cake stop!

It was then time for the second floor which was more geared up to paper craft but Jackie found another Big Knitting stall and bought some fabulous needles which are about the length of my Grandfather's dress sword, and a huge crochet hook. I would love to be able to knit but it just baffles me! I might get Mum to teach me sometime as I know I was able to do it as a child but every time I have tried since has ended in disaster!

I then decided the time was now to spend some money so I went back to the stall with the ginghams and bought 2 metres of each. I also spotted a fabric I have been hankering after since my friend Clare posted a pic of it on Facebook. I wanted it because it matches my dining room chairs but is still slightly different. I am going to make a notice board out of it. I also bought some bright pink felt, green spotted ribbon and some yellow fabric for my new idea I have... I won't say more until I have it underway but I took inspiration from something I saw on a website and I am going to adapt it to be even more useful I hope!

My feet are killing me now and it is time to head to bed, but it was a lovely day and it was fab to get out and about and meet someone who I have been talking to since before both Linnhe and Phoebe were born! We have had a couple of near misses on meeting up before so it was nice to finally touch base with her.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Streamlining children's toys.


Between both girls in the living room alone we have a toy box, one cupboard and one happyland box all full of toys. In the dining room they have a play kitchen and a dolls pram and in Clara's bedroom a dolls house. It is ridiculous how many toys they have. I am already a pretty firm culler so if something crucial get lost or broken then that is it (unless it is a much beloved toy, so Radio Controlled Brum is totally FUBAR but I daren't throw it out because Phoebe loves him so). I have a toy cull before any gift receiving festival and I am pretty strict on what people buy (well when you have 6 grandparents and 5 sets of aunts and uncles as a starter, not including a vast extended family you have to be a little bit organised about things!) and I do try and theme Christmas so we don't end up with too much of a random spread. I find this bewilders the children too much anyway.

At 2.5 and 4 I think it is time to get ruthless though, I would like to contain things into sets. we currently have a bag system that works quite well. I bought a load of plain cotton drawstring bags (this was pre sewing machine) and decorated them with fabric crayons. We have Animals, Characters, Magnetic Dress Up Dolls, Train Set, Play Food and Vehicles. As well as having them written on I also drew pictures so the children could recognise what belongs where. We did bags as we just don't have room for the, much beloved by parents, Ikea Trofast system. It does work well but I think the time is rapidly approaching when I renovate this system.

My Aunt used to wrap similar batches of toys up in table clothes so the children could play with one thing and then tidying up meant sweeping it all up onto the table cloth and scooping it from there. I am thinking I could make some large drawstring mats to use a similar idea but more dedicated to the cause. I just have no idea how to organise it or, for that matter, what to bin / recycle etc (I have long since given up selling toys...). Any ideas? Better yet anyone want to do it for me hee hee?!

It wasn't my fault... Clara made me do it!

When we dropped Phoebe off at preschool I asked Clara what she wanted to do and she said "Pet Shop!" so we went. It is so much easier to go out with only one child, particularly one who lacks attitude without her sister to egg her on!

Anyway we went and looked at the fish, the reptiles and, of course, the rabbits. We also looked again at rabbit toys and I accidentally bought a stick tunnel, a pop up tent and tunnel (although the second tunnel is a bit big for the run), a chew ball thingy and a hayball with a bell on it. A pretty good haul for the buns I think, although of course annoying when your visa card flys out of your wallet into the payment thingy! Still we had fun putting things in the run for the rabbits, and Clara was very pleased she got to go and say hello to the rabbits.

I admit I am sniggering at the "Adoption" centre in Pets at home though, all of the stories read "Nobody wanted to buy me so now I am up for adoption!". So basically they couldn't flog them when they were smaller and cute so now they are putting them up for adoption... I didn't find out how much they would charge for the difference between buying and adopting. Instead we are getting proper rescue bunnies (although according to Phoebe a rescue bunny will help you when you get into trouble...) who are a bit older and really do need a forever home. Hopefully a bonded, neutered, vaccinated pair of them. We even know what we are going to call them lol!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Impatience thy name is Vix

We are getting rabbits. We are getting 2 of them after Easter as we are away Good Friday - Easter Monday. This means I have 20 days to wait until cuddly buns arrive. I WANT THEM NOW!

We have a hutch and run set up in the garden tempting me, we have grooming kits, we have food, we even have a bit of hay. And still no bunnies. I am spending a lot of time searching for bunny toys and the best bedding etc. I cannot wait!

I hope Kit doesn't mind them too much, she is being rather lovely after her brush with the fox's teeth. Although she is still very pissed off she has to wear The Cone Of Shame:

Now that is one pissed off puddy tat! However the infection has gone, she has finished ABs and her wound is healing amazingly fast (seriously it is incredibly impressive!)

I think she had a bit of a mortality check with the fox thing, she has been much more loving and tolerant of late. Given that she is generally Ramkitty this improvement has been welcomed by us all, I hope it continues after she has fully recovered but I don't hold out much hope!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mothering Sunday and I am very blessed,  I have two fabulous girls who gave me a card and the Julie & Julia DVD this morning and then let me lie in. I also have one fabulous Mummy and one fabulous Step Mummy, both of whom forgave me for being pants and forgetting to take their cards to my sister's party to hand deliver (they have been posted!).

I have had a lovely quiet mother's day, nice and relaxed. This afternoon we went over to collect more rabbity things from a freecycler (so far we have got a hutch, run, food, hay, bowls, water bottles all from freecycle! Just need the rescue bunnies after Easter!) and then went to a HUGE garden centre near Sevenoaks. It was great... it has a farmers market and loads of brilliant things to look at all under one roof. We looked at yet more rabbity things, and toys and we had a go in the play area. Then we bought cake and came home for a quiet tea and (yet another) view of Monsters Vs Aliens.

I admit I am feeling a little glum as I think of all the women who either should be Mummies or who are missing their children today. I am also sad for everyone who can't tell their Mummy they love them today. I know one of my best friends, Mahri-Claire, is desperately missing her first baby boy, Noah, today and I know he is looking down on her and smiling at how wonderful a mother she is. I am sure he is proud of how fabulously she cares for his younger brothers everyday and loves her dearly for that and all the love she holds in her heart for him. I could mention so many others who have lost babies or haven't had the chance to be a mother as they so desperately wanted to be, I won't but I hope they know they are held in my heart today and I wish I could share a little of the joy my girls give me with them to ease their pain.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Cake: Made
Corset: Arrived (hurrah!)
Tutu: Sod it I will wear jeans, I may purchase new ones.
Wings: To be made.
Superhero outfit: Packed
Mad Scientist outfit: Erm.... still thinking about how to make it. Trip to Asda for a school shirt to convert may be on the cards this afternoon! The role of fluffy white cat will be played by a rabbit that goes by the name of Babbit.
Nerd Outfit: To be done tomorrow.
Mood: Slightly better and less beligerent
Camera: Charging
Stuff for Dad: Packed
Wine: Needed.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Update on my to-do list...

So I have done two things. Jack and Shit.... wail!

Not good.

My new corset hasn't arrived yet so I don't know if my costume is going to work so no point doing anything else until it is here really, I can't afford to make a tutu & wings for the hell of it. We have to leave early on Friday morning to get to the lunch Liz is having with us and the parents so if it isn't here tomorrow I am screwed! I have NO other ideas. I haven't started on the other 3 yet because, well, I am lazy and a bit fed up of having to do it all on my own. I think Paul's may be left until just before we go to the party so we can get the right shirt together (and he can pay for his own costume). Phoebe can wear the same costume as she wore to Lexi and Rowans as I can't be bothered making a new cape. As for Clara, I see a trip to ELC happening and a purchase of a labcoat from a doctor set or something.

I have just made the first cake and it is baking now and the lovely MyBecky got the icing for me as she walks past the shop on a school run. So at least that is going to happen (well if I go to Sainsbury's to get more eggs, caster sugar and a cake board of course...). I would have gone this morning whilst the girls were at school but I had to take Kit to the vet and then go to Pets At Home for a decent litter tray as she is housebound for another couple of weeks because her bite is still healing (it is quite spectacular) and slightly infected still.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Things I HAVE to do this week...

I have to:

Make myself a tutu
Make myself some wings!
Buy some funky tights or leggins
Make Clara a little lab coat
Buy Clara a fluffy white cat
Make Phoebe a new superhero cape and leotard
Buy a make up a geek shirt for Paul

oh, and I forgot... a Toadstool Cake for my little sister!

Oh and hope I get the right sized corset in time! GULP!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My poor puss-cat and other stories!

Poor Kit had an altercation with a fox leaving her with a nasty bite on her left hip. Of course with it being Sunday it meant a trip to the emergency vets. An added complication was that our friends Jane and Mike had come for lunch and the injury was discovered about half an hour before they arrived. However we weren't able to get an appt until later on that afternoon so it wasn't too much of a problem, more an annoyance. Kit has been pumped full of antibiotics as even 24 hrs after it was already infected, we have some more pills to give her over the next couple of days and I have to take her back to our regular vet for them to check the wound and see if it needs stitching. She is also wearing a cone, now dubbed The Cone of Shame after having seen Up one too many times since it's release on DVD. Phoebe and Clara have been very well behaved with her and have left her alone a lot with only a "Owwww, poor kit" when looking at her wound. She is currently sat next to me feeling sorry for herself! She is 10 now so getting old bless her and she must have gone through far too many of her 9 lives in her time. She has ripped her flesh coming through a window, been hit by a car (hurt her toe!) and numerous other near misses... I seem to lean to dependants who are slightly kamikaze don't I!

Aside from that we have had a lovely weekend, we went out for the first time in about 6 months last night. We had a fab dinner in Il Ponte and then we went to see Alice in Wonderland 3D which was very very good. It was nice to be out with Paul, just us and at night. That day we had been to Homebase and taken advantage of the 15% weekend and bought a new rug, a radiator cover, looked at paints, bought compost and other bits and bats. I even found a gorgeous key box that fits in with the kitchen decor perfectly!  I am getting more and more excited about decorating the living room and just want to get on with it now. I am mostly excited about having a working fireplace soon!

Then today Jane and Mike and their ace children Rowan and Lexi came up for lunch. The kids had such a good day playing and being lovely with each other! It is so lovely to have 4 children who all get on so well together. I can't wait until August when we go on holibobs with them! Because the children get on so well we let them sit at the little table in the living room to eat their lunch watching Up. Whilst the adults benefited from the side effect and dined in peace in the dining room (fast cook, long rest beef... soooo yummy, plenty of moooooo still in it). And I, finally, got to try the kentish delicacy of Gypsy Tart.... I think I may be one of the few people born outside of Kent who was enamoured. I fail to see what is not to like though, sweet pastry - Yum, Whipped evaporated milk - Yum, Brown Sugar - Yum! Put them together and it is 3 kinds of yum all in one tart!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Phoebe gave me a surprise tonight...

We always read two stories at bedtime, both girls pick one and then pile into Phoebe's bed with various cuddly friends (far too many!). Today Phoebe picked "Bear Hunt" having had a bear hunt to finish of her Teddy Bear Picnic today. I went to take it to start reading it and a little hand snatched it out my reach

No Mummy, I read it to you. Sit here [patting bed next to her]

She then proceeded to do pretty much the entire book from memory! We haven't read it that many times, and certainly not recently.

I am amazed by her, she has such a sponge memory... actually very like mine. If she sees something performed she is able to remember it very very quickly (she can do all the mouse bits from Gruffalo, complete with high pitched voice too!). Ok there is a lot of repetition in children's books but it is a hell of a start! I love how she delights in being able to "read" a book back to me now. I love reading to them and do frequently throughout the day. They both love nothing better than cuddling up with a book with me, it is lovely!

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day Phoebe went to school as a character from her favourite book The Gruffalo. For those not in the know here is a description:

He has terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.
He has knobbly knees and turned out toes and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose
His eyes are orange, his tongue is black and he has purple prickles all over his back!

So yesterday I went and bought a long sleeved tee shirt whilst the girl's were in school. I then spent the afternoon sewing felt purple prickles on the back. As the front looked a bit bare I cracked out the embroidery ring and embroidered

Oh Help!
Oh No
It's a...

on the front in orange silks. Phoebe was thrilled with it! This morning I did the knobbly knees and I sewed two baggy patches on a pair of her slightly outgrown trousers. Then we face painted the orange eyes, black tongue, terrible tusks and poisonous wart on. She looked so cool and was chuffed to bits!


She is now in school along with Big Teddy for their teddy bears picnic. I hope she is being a friendly Gruffalo!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I am having a crisis...

Mostly of confidence I think but it is giving me an attack of the nerves to the point where actually I could cry about it.

I am trying decide if I want to study photography with the aim of getting another BA (I have one in Theatre Studies and Music Tech already). I am looking at the Open College of the Arts and doing the level one courses.

My worries are these:

  • I am not good enough to consider a degree in Photography.
  • Nearly £5k is a lot of money we don't have and I am panicking I will waste it.
  • I am not up to studying it and I will flake out wasting our money and my time
  • My children are young and need clothes, shoes and my time etc more than I need to study.

But at the same time I feel like I am stuck watching life go by at the moment. Unable to break out and grab it. I feel like a huge "something" is missing and I don't know what. I am bored and frustrated with everything, I feel like I am living my life for other people I suppose.

ARGH! I don't know what to do, I feel like I am screaming inside but I daren't open my mouth on the outside.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Ask a silly question...

I should know better really shouldn't I.

It is world book day on Thursday and to celebrate Preschool are having a dress up week. This is fine as we now have lots of things so today Phoebe went as Super Phoebe in the cape I made her for Rowan and Lexi's Christmas Party and Clara went as Upsy Daisy. Tomorrow it is just Phoebe and she will be going as a Princess. On Wednesday Clara will go as a Princess and Phoebe as a mermaid and I think Friday will be fairy day for the pair of them.

However, as Thursday is actually World Book Day I thought Phoebe should go asan actual book character. So I made the mistake of asking Phoebe what she wanted to be. The answer.... A Gruffalo. Oh help, Oh no... not a Gruffalo! For those non parents who are ignorant of the existance of this creature here he is:


so dead easy huh?! I am going to have to put my thinking cap on here aren't I.