Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end of the decade appraches.

A lot has happened in the last 10 years.

In 1999 I graduated with a 2:2 in Theatre Studies & Music Technology. I split up and got back together with my then boyfriend. We also moved in together for the first time in Leeds in a teeny 2 bed flat with a very dodgy bathroom. I got engaged for the first time.

In 2000 I moved house twice, once in with a friend then back into a flat with just the fiance. Less said the better on that really. I got my psycho cat Kit on the first house move.

In 2001 I moved out and broke up with my fiance and came home to Gloucestershire. I got a job working for an electricity company and met a friend. I watched the twin towers fall with horror on my face. I went on a fantastic holiday to Cyprus and had a blast. I lost my job. I had lots of fun with a few boys in my single state, none of which I regret.

In 2002 I got a job working for a large Lubricants company (by which I mean oil not anything norty!) and I met Paul in a nightclub just after his birthday. I moved out of my parents house and into my first owned flat.

In 2003 Paul moved in with me and on the summer solstice we got engaged standing on Cissbury Hill watching the sun go down. Paul went skiing for the first time and got a new job whilst we were out there.

In 2004 he got ANOTHER new job (just after the first one, which turned out to be a lemon and he never actually worked for them) and moved to London and lived with my parents. We started planning our wedding. I resigned from my job and joined him in London. We sold our flat and bought our house. My Grandfather suffered a major heart attack whilst in the theatre, underwent a massive bypass, survived and recuperated. We got married in September (twice!) and went on an amazing honeymoon in Egypt. I was told I would never have children naturally in November. I got pregnant in December! I briefly got a job in the city but left because I hated it.

In 2005 I got another job that I really enjoyed. I lost my first baby in a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. 30 days after the ERPC I got pregnant again! In December my first daughter Phoebe arrived 8 hours before her due date. My father emigrated.

In 2006 we went to visit my Dad's new house. Paul left one job and got another and then went back to the original job! I got pregnant again (so much for no babies naturally)!

In 2007 Clara was born and our family became 4.

In 2008 I took up a photo a day project and did 366 photos this year.

In 2009. I bought a sewing machine and started learning to sew, hit an all time low in the depression stakes.

2010... watch this space! What do I have planned?

I want to lose some more weight.
I want to learn patchwork and quilting.
I want to make more children's clothes.
I want to get on top of this depression and not have to suffer panic attacks when I go out.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Holy Son of a Motherless Goat, it's a beast!

My neighbour just dropped round the new sewing machine and it is a BEAST of a machine! Unfortunately it is too late to start making. Well it isn't really but Eleventh Hour is on and the Christmas Tree is sat on top of my the girls little table which I use for making in the living room. Well that and I have yet to figure out how to thread it etc. I am starting to feel more than a little nervous that I have bitten off way more than I can chew here! I am sure I will figure it out in the morning without a post travelling fuzzy head.

So, watch this space for a little Janome 4618 action!

Ahh back in Blighty!

We got back home at lunch time today. I had a fab week away with Mum, Rob et al but oh my I am glad to be home! I am currently curled up under my lovely new Slanket and I came home to a Lakeland Delivery... does it get better? Well yes I also know there is a John Lewis package next door that contains my new sewing machine with [gasp of delight] an automatic buttonholer! Sadly my neighbour has gone out so I have to wait [wail].

You will be pleased to know that the trip home wasn't nearly as traumatic as the trip here. We were only delayed for 40 minutes and none of that was trapped in the plane. The girls behaved impeccably on the flight and were lovely. And I feel I topped up my karma by helping out a young women with a broken wrist when she was having problems getting on the flight (they weren't going to let her fly and she was pretty upset as she just wanted to go home) and Paul gave up his seat on the shuttle bus to an elderly couple too.

Anyway, onto the important stuff. I bought magnetic measuring spoons (big and small) 2 loaf tins and a poncy cheese grater from Lakeland for a pretty barginatious price too, I could have spent SOOOO much more as always! My new sewing machine is a Janome 4618 and I bought it with my John Lewis Vouchers that I got from Mum, I still have lots of spendy paper to use in their haberdasher dept and I think I will drag Annabel along for some sewing porn fun! I am tempted by a walking foot and maybe also a roller foot, I have no real clue what these are but someone on The Sewing Forum recommended them and they sound good. I will research more before purchase of course. I also have 2 lovely new patchwork books and tomorrow I am hopeful that we will pop into town (well we have to buy nice food for our traditional new years eve carpet picnic) and I can swap my Cath Kidson "Make" for "Sew". We are also going to buy "Just Dance" for the Wii with our WHsmith voucher (I really hope it is in stock!).

We also got the vouchers Dad sent the girls for Christmas in the stack of post today (I gave my postie carte blanche to sign for things and put them through the door so I didn't have to worry about stuff like that when I was away). So we popped out to ELC today to see what we could find. The Kitchen we want to buy them wasn't back in stock after the Christmas Hoards but we did get a cool wooden bread bin, a dairy set and pretend M&S tins in advance of the kitchen. We also got them a new pram as their first birthday prams are too small for them now (and don't fold away) so the small ones will go in the loft when we put the decs away and the new one will stay out (or live under the stairs, as we got one that folds flat!). Clara has put 2 of her (many) babies to bed in it already. I think I will make some nice bedding for it to make it cosier and maybe some little toys too!

I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed tonight without fear of either having to move a child or, worse, wake one! That and a lovely neck friendly pillow to rest my little head on. Oooh and a cheeky movie (whilst I save up for my Sound Asleep Pillow and convince Paul he NEEDS to get me and iphone!) whilst I drop off to sleep.

Anyway, I am off to go and put the 'finks to bed so that I can resume the position under my lovely warm cuddly slanket for the evening. And maybe enjoy a spot of Night at the Museum 2 aswell!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Rabble....

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, including the mouse!
The children who should be nestled up tight in their beds
Instead were making the grown ups hold onto their heads!

Pah, I fib... we had a lot of fun at this festive time! We made mince pies with the girls, and they put their initials on so that Father Christmas knew who made which one. Then they trotted off for a bath, when they came out we realised that I had forgotten the pyjama's I had lovingly made for them. Thankfully Father Christmas was very clever and had picked them up, wrapped them and dropped them off under the Christmas Tree when no one was looking!

They then insisted on getting into their Christmas Sacks before we laid them out with the Santa Trap (a string of bells that will jingle when he moves them!) on top of them!

As you can tell by the movement they were a little excited! Thankfully Grande reading (the real) Night Before Christmas poem settled them down nicely and they were ready for bed. They eventually went to sleep at around 8.30 pm but hey, it's Christmas Eve!

The adults then sat down to a Seafood Feast:

Between 5 of us this was all that was left!

We is bloaters but it was gooooooooooood! I was most proud of myself for cooking the Lobsters, they were very very fresh too! There was a wuss moment when the bag moved rather too much for us all to cope but once Mum was hidden (she isn't a wuss except when it comes to this sort of thing!) they were despatched pretty easily. Paul shucked Oysters for the first time and I tried one for the first time since I was a student and my then boyfriend and I dared each other to eat one, and they were actually very nice, so I had another! All in all we ate the very best part of 3 lobsters, 12 oysters, 1 huge platter of prawns, 1 huge bowl of mussels and a platter of langoustine, 1 bowl of salt crusted potatoes and a large variety of dips. Nom!

Father Christmas arrived in a whirl of green and red tissue paper, he got a little drunkled on the scotch we had left him. Possibly caused by his elf encouraging him to neck it but hey! The reindeer enjoyed their carrots and Father Christmas very much enjoyed the homemade mince pies. He even left the girls a little present on their plate as a thank you for his snacks.

The next morning Phoebe was beyond excited and was desperate to come downstairs to see if he had been! I managed to get down slightly before her and captured this:

She was so pleased he had been and it was just magical to see! Clara was slightly less excited but never the less delighted when she spotted the presents!

Phoebe was absolutely delighted that Father Christmas had managed to get her much requested (from the 21st onwards...) Slinky Dog! The other hit pressies were Pop Up Pirate and a fishing game. They also got travel aqua draw mats, toy animals, fizzy bath bombs with mermaids in them and a variety of other goodies that will keep them occupied for a while to go!

It was then I realised my camera was running low on battery and I hadn't packed the charger...Doh!

Once we had breakfasted on scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and croissants we started on the tree presents. I was a very lucky girls too and got a lovely chocolate brown Slanket... mmmmm snuggly! I also got 2 sewing books from the girls. My stocking had more sewing books and a stack load of Cath Kidson sewing bits, a gorgeous bling top, a yoga Wii game, new pjs and a couple of gorgeous Esprit tops too. I was also a very lucky girl and got enough John Lewis Vouchers to cover a sewing machine upgrade, so I am happily looking at the sewing machine porn available on their website! Paul got a ski boots (and was permitted to use them from our arrival as I am a kind and generous soul) and a load of goodies too. He was also a lucky boy!

Then we headed up the mountain for Phoebe's second skiing lesson. This didn't go very well and she bailed about 20 minutes in after falling over and allegedly hurting her leg. Anyway we then sent Paul off for his first solo ski and headed off to the restaurant where we were meeting our family friends the McCarthys for Christmas Lunch. I had something with Reblochon (a local soft brie like cheese.... yum!) and I think balsamic vinegar, we couldn't identify the other ingredients but it tasted delicious! Followed by roast pork (no crackling) and chips, very nice but not enough sauce IMO!

When we got home from skiing we had some time playing with the toys. Once the girls were (eventually) in bed Mum provided a divine meal of Roast Beef, Roast veg, Sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts followed by Semifreddo with Nougat with a homegrown, homemade raspberry couli. And Lo, it was gooooooood!

I hope your Christmas celebrations were as joyous and as fine as ours!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Look Who's Skiing!

Phoebe had a tiny go on skis at Easter this year. Seriously about 30 minutes so today's 1 hr 1:1 ski lesson with Fabienne was cause for a little worry from me. I didn't know how she would react at all. We had a hell of a journey yesterday, they were late to bed and early awakening so she was a bit on the tired side but was keen to go!

We drove up the mountain and then walked up to the place we were using as basecamp. Paul, Mum and Liz had caught the button lift and gone to get their lift passes and then skied over to join us. Phoebe had a swift waffle before her lesson. Then we made a little mistake, well a couple. Firstly Paul, Mum and Liz skied off, Phoebe was dreadfully upset and wanted Daddy there at the drop off for school. Still lesson learned. Secondly we put Phoebe's boots on too early resulting in the most spectacular tantrum in the restaurant (heads were turned!). She was fine, I had made a silly mistake of putting tights and socks on her and they were just a little bit too tight, again lesson learned!

We finally made it over to the dop off point and Phoebe and I found her teacher whilst Grande (and Liz) and Clara sat nearby. They eventually headed off to the restaurant and I went with Phoebe to just be there quietly in the corner so she didn't feel abandoned. She did brilliantly! She was skiing without holding hands in about 10 minutes and can now snowplow to slow down and (sometimes) stop. Aiming is something that needs tackling but hey we have time!

Here is a little Video of her skiing

My clever girly! She only lasted 45 minutes today, but she is keen to go back tomorrow so I am counting it as a success!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Why are our trips never straight forward!

After the stress of the last few trips as a family See Here you would have thought we were owed at least one easy trip, surely!

Oh how wrong!

This is how it should have gone:

Get up 5am, taxi at 5.30am, train at 5.52am, checkin at 6.10am, board at 7.35am, take off at 8.05am, land at 10.40am (swiss time) and home at Mum's house for lunch.... ack well the best laid plan of mice and men and all that!

What really happened was this:

We got up at 5am as planned, the taxi arrived on time but it took us a bit longer to get out of the house. Still we were on the road in plenty of time. Until we got to the train station and both our cards were refused by the ticket machine. They were broken and no one had bothered to put a notice up so I then had to queue for tickets meaning we missed our train, that was on time (for once...). The next train was due at 6.04, we were still waiting at 6.10 and then it finally pulled in. Mad scramble onto the train and then an easy trip to Gatwick. Once at Gatwick we located the checkin desk only to be stalled by a Clara Special attack of The Rage ending in a no bones tantrum that echoed (rather impressively) around the departures hall. We wrestled her into a sling eventually and she shut up (hurrah, the number of faces that screamed "please don't let THAT child be on MY flight" was really impressive). Once we checked in we headed through security where I got a random search. When we went to check the status of the flight it read thus:

Flight No XXX due 8.05 blah blah blah Gate due at 8.50

Erm.... typo?! no?! Oh please a typo.

It wasn't.

Our gate was finally called at 9.25am. We heltered skeltered it to the gate number to get to the front of the queue so we didn't have to get through a wall of people when the kids boarding was called. We boarded a few minutes later to settle into the flight.... pilot over the tanoy told us we would be leaving in 10 minutes, ahhh peace.


Once we were all on board and buckled in the pilot came over the tanoy saying that now the runway was closed for de-icing and the next slot was at 11am. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! So we all unbuckled and the sound of mobile phones being turned back on filled the cabin! 30 ish minutes later we were told that the runway was open again and we didn't need to de-ice the wings because they had hot fuel or something. So we got into the queue to take off and finally, FINALLY we took off at some time around 11am (I don't wear a watch so I can't be sure).

When we got to landing we were on our descent when suddenly we took to the skies again and once again the pilot came over the tanoy. This time he informed us there had been an "incident" on Geneva runway and we couldn't land. The plan was that we would circle until we had 30 mins of fuel left and if we couldn't land by then we would go to Leon or Grenoble to refuel and then come back to Geneva. Thankfully in the nick of time Geneva cleared the runway from what ever happened and we were finally able to land almost and hour late.

Thank heavens that Mum, Rob and Lizzie were waiting for us and as soon as we were through the luggage hall they spirited us into a cafe for a posh burger lunch... The rest was easy and we made our way up the mountain in convoy and are now happily ensconced at Grannie and Grande's house.


Can I please book a nice uneventful trip home now though please?!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Yule Mark 2!

Wooo, Paul finally returned home from work at 15.30, about 15 mins after Clara passed out on my lap lol! I took the opportunity to go and buy a pair of shoes and a top to match my new skirt that I made from a pattern in Sew Hip! magazine (pics to follow!). When I got back we got our borrowed bogus tree out from under the stairs and set to lighting it. Phoebe LOVED it and was being exceedingly bossy about where everything should go, as well as confirming my shoes were a, comfortable and b, a suitable fit for me (She tried them on, then put them on me and commanded I walked around a bit in them "ok Mummy, go for a little walk now... yes I think they are very nice"). Then we woke Clara up so she could help put the "bubbles" on the tree, we now have a very bottom heavy tree but the girls did it and had a ball doing so.

Then we set to the presents we had here, we can't take them with us really so it seemed logical to open them at Yule. Last Christmas both girls were a bit over whelmed by Christmas and the sheer amount of presents. I really don't think this is going to be the case this year, not if Clara's shouts of "MORE MORE!" are anything to go by at any rate! They loved all their gifts and had lots of fun helping Paul and I open ours too. We loved all our gifts :D.

Now the girls are in bed we have all the packing to do, the taxi arrives at 5.30 and the living room is filled with suitcases! Eeeek! It will all be fine [thinks soothing thoughts]. I haven't even got to the what ifs about the weather or the status of the airport, denial is a happy little place!

Hurrah hurrah... I fiiiiinished!

Whoop! Only 15 hrs 51 minutes until we leave and I have finally finished! I made an executive decision that Phoebe wasn't going to get a Doll changing bag. She has asked for a Slinky Dog from Father Christmas so Clara can have the change bag from him. Besides Clara is the dolly fanatic most of the time so she will get more out of it than Phoebe would.

Now I just have to pack everything ready for departure....erk! We are doing Yule attempt 2 this afternoon so packing will be this evening I think. Not least because it will be easier to do without the children.

Another Yule Washout... sob sob sob.

Last year I gave up my Yule family celebrations for a friend so although it was fun it wasn't the family orientated celebration of the return of the light it should have been. Ah well, this year was going to be fantastic. I really should learn not to expect to much really...

Paul had to drop off a laptop on the way home so was able to leave early meaning we would have a bit longer to celebrate. The girls and I went to RHS Wisley with a load of friends for lunch and a run around, it rained all the time we were there so whilst it was fun it was a bit too soggy. Although we did have fun doing experiments with Ice and trying to throw various things into the water and then seeing them skid around the surface and watch the ducks all walking around on the ponds looking a bit bemused! When we got home the girls and I decided to have an early bath at 2pm ish so we could extend our Yule Celebrations a bit later into the evening.

Then we waited... and waited... and waited... and waited. Paul was due to leave work at 3.30pm, that came and went so we waited a bit more. I finally called him at 4.30pm and he was just leaving due to upstair's server going kablooie that morning. I asked that he get some painkillers as I had a headache that was leaning towards Migraine City. So 5.30 came, I had intended to do a family evening meal at this time but Paul was now stuck just outside London Bridge rail station due to signal problems. So I shoved in some chicken nuggets and chips. By the time it was cooked 20 minutes later I had a full migraine and could barely move of the sofa. I had strained my neck a few days before so I think the pain from that had caused the migraine. Paul finally got in at about 6.50pm, fed me 2 neurofen and sent me to bed where I slept for 2 hours whilst he put the girls to bed. I resurfaced later on and we painted the salt dough decorations I had made a few weeks ago. That was the only vaguely festive thing we did. No tree was put up, no celebrating the returning of light and no gifts opened.

Thankfully he has negotiated a half day today so we are going for Yule Mark 2 when he gets home.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Today's labours

Blimey! I have been busy today. Clara decided to get up at 6 am and came into bed with me, she bounced on my head for a bit and then declared "Clara poo!" so we went downstairs only to discover it was a clever ruse to get up early. It was quite nice just having some me and Clara time. Phoebe joined us at 7.30 and at 8am we went upstairs to wake Daddy up. I went back to bed for a couple of hours (with only one interruption by Clara who came to try and feed me her "pops" as breakfast... urgh!). When I got up we cleared out the understairs cupboard (I swear the stuff in there breeds!) then we decided we would take the girls to ELC so they could pick a gift for each other. We spent about 20 minutes taking one child each before we decided that letting a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old choose was a bad idea. So we chose something and bought 2 of them! Then we started the great needle hunt as I had only one needle left for the machine and I had an evening of sewing that needed doing. We popped into Sainsburys, nothing and all the haberdashers were closed. Thankfully the girls fell asleep so Paul went and parked up in the local shopping centre carpark whilst I raced through said shopping centre and went to the haberdasher in there.

When we got home I set about making the Pyjamas for the girls. Now seeing that I have only had my machine for 4 or 5 months I am pretty impressed that I am able to make them! It has taken me 5 hours roughtly and a lot of help from Paul but I have them 99% done. I only have to do the elastic and hem the sleeves and trousers to the girl's specifics.

I have also never done Bias Binding before... I love the finish!

I also finished off Humpy Dumpty that now needs wrapping and popping in a parcel to go to his new home. I got the pattern from LiEr at Ikat Bag only I did the face slightly differently. I had planned to applique felt on but we couldn't find the right colours so instead I embroidered. I have never done that before either but I don't think I did too bad a job!

Right I am off to wrap Humpty and several other things so that they can be posted tomorrow and hopefully the recipients will receive them before Christmas!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

What a fab fab fab day!

A definite good day. I had a lie in until 9.30am ish when I had a surprise wake up from a Miss Clara presenting me with a picture her Daddy had drawn of a birthday cake and instructing me to be careful of the candles because they were hot, and then one to blow them out. Once I had done this she told me well done and went on her merry way. The mind boggles.

Anyway, we all got up and went out to grab a few last minute bits that we needed. I had to get my eyebrows and lips waxed as it looked like caterpillars were starting an invasion on my face, I needed to swap a book, Paul had some boots to take back for me (he had paid for them on his card so he had to do it) and I needed a few bits from the haberdasher.

When we got home I started to make the girl's capes, I would have done them in advance but I was waiting for fabric that didn't arrive. Thankfully I had some left over purple lining material so I was able to use that. I made them fairly easily and quickly and then I appliqu├ęd a P and a C on the back of them! Phoebe loved hers, the original plan was for the girls to wear them with their party dresses but I suggested to Phoebe she might like to wear her swimsuit over tights and a long sleeved tee shirt and she looked ace!

Clara, however, said she didn't want the cape, she wanted to be a pink princess and she was not to be trifled with so we went with what she wanted.

Just be fore we left the house Paul said how fab it would be if Moose had a cape so it could be SuperPhoebe with her side kick WonderMoose, guess which muggins couldn't not face that challenge!

We got in the car and headed down to the party. Jane, as ever, had done herself proud with a party spread that was rather fantastic. I had made a marshmallow mountain for her and was delighted when grown ups spotted it and commented that they were glad to see it as they remembered last years! This year I had decent glitter though lol! Anyway she had also organised 2 tables, one full of pencils and things to colour in and the other table had hydrophobic sand, science putty and some sort of magic snow stuff. Fabulous entertainment for all, especially with Jane dressed as Nina from Nina and the Neurons! Once everything was in full swing the magician did a show for 45 minutes, they were enthralled!

His final trick was producing a bunny from a magic house, all of the children were in love with the most gorgeous white bunny. Phoebe would have happily stroked it all afternoon I think and even Clara got over her fear of men in funny clothes and went for a little stroke.

Speaking of costumes there were some fabulous ones amongst the adults. Jane as Nina, her mother was the Christmas Fairy, her Dad came as Mr Incredible, Tracey was Tinkerbell and there was a Witch and Cruella Deville too. Paul put on a name tag with "God", he is the king of the understated costume (last year he wrote Tom on his thumb!). I attempted to go as Bellatrix Lestrange but I forgot my make up bag in the dash to get out of the house so I just looked pretty I think. With the kids we had solders, princesses, one of the 3 kings, darth vader, super Phoebe, an angel, a cat and, possibly my favourite, Lexi dressed as Chernabog (the big devil thing at the end of Fantastia, it was his choice!).

After the magic show they all had tea and then Father Christmas came for a little visit and handed out some gifts to all the kids. Again even Phoebe and Clara went up without tears (at their Christmas Concert Clara Bawled when she saw Father Christmas and declared him too scary!).

Once all the other children had gone we hung back to help clear up and borrow Jane's fake tree (no point buying a real one for us this year). I asked Rowan and Lexi if they wanted to try on the costumes I had made for them (they opened them earlier in the day) and they did. It has absolutely made my day / year / Christmas that they loved them! Rowan skipped around as a mermaid being Ariel and Lexi was happily stomping around being a Lexi-sorus! Both outfits fitted them beautifully and it was so nice seeing something that I had made and, well, invented making two such lovely children happy!


A very happy day that we have just wrapped up with a delicious Chinese take away! Nom Nom Nom!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Out of the mouth's of babes....

Me: Phoebe could you go into the living room please, I am trying to clean the kitchen.

Phoebe: Why, who is coming to visit us?!

Oh. The. Shame. I am not THAT much of a sloven for heaven's sake!

Mermaid hell....

Well I can breathe a sigh of relief because the fabric to make Rowan's mermaid outfit showed up today.

Actually whilst I am here can I just name and praise the two posties I have. I live next door to the grey storage locker they have so the first postie comes in the van and brings any parcels, if they are oversized then he pops it into me. The second postie is our regular one and knows that we do the school run at 12.30 so either drops in parcels and letters before then or will pop back after he has done his round to drop a parcel in for us. They always say hello to the girls and any letters that hit our doormat are always welcomed by a shout of thank you by the girls. They also worked through the strikes so yay for them! I will most certainly be leaving a Christmas Tip for them (probably in the shape of biscuits or something similar). I know I am lucky to have such lovely posties and I really do value them, especially as going to the sorting office isn't particularly easy for me right now.

Anyway, back to the mermaid hell. The fabric showed up and I had my plan. I was going to do the pinafore dress but with an organza back and tail. I didn't factor into this that the blue sparkly dress material was see through until I was half way through making it.... gah! So I had to make a lining for it thankfully the silver material I ordered to make my skirt turned up today aswell and I had extra. I kinda lost my mojo today too and I couldn't make sense of what I was doing. Paul helped this evening and we finally got it done. Not quite how I planned it but I quite like it. I hope Rowan will too!



I might trim the tail organza back a bit more... it is a bit too froo froo.

After all that trouble I had to do something I know I couldn't muck up so I started on my bustle skirt (pattern in Sew Hip! October issue) that I am planning on wearing on Christmas Day. I have my eye on a pair of patent grey mary janes that would compliment it nicely, a new grey top would go well too!

Only 5.25 more makes to do and 5 days to do it in... Hopefully the zip for the skirt will arrive tomorrow so I can finish that. I am also hopeful that the red material for the superhero capes turns up so I can make those too (the girls want to wear them on Saturday so they can be Super-Phoebe and Super-Clara). Then I just have the PJs and the nappy change bag to do. Our new plan is to cut all the patterns tomorrow and Saturday and then Paul will get the girls to help him do some cleaning / throwing out on Sunday whilst I sit in the dining room and sew until it is all done! I really want it all done by Monday as I don't want to spend the night of Yule sewing, I want to feast and celebrate the returning light.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

YEEEE HA! I have finished the Tutus....

Tulle is evil and must be stopped. Glittery Tulle is Evil+1... the mess of my floor now. Oh the parents of the recipients are going to love me. I apologise in advance and feel free to curse my name as you find glitter EVERYWHERE!

Ok new plan for tonight.

Seeing as I didn't do the tutus last night in favour of the pinafores and the fabric for the mermaid still hasn't turned up [sob]. Tonight I will be doing Tutus whilst Paul cuts the 2-3 pattern for the pjs and then I will do the Changing bag  and other stuff whilst he is cutting the fabric for the PJs.

I am getting mildly (ha!) stressed by the lack of fabric hitting my front door mat, I really hope it comes tomorrow or I am going to be out of my mind with worry. I really want to get the Mermaid done now, especially as Rowan may well decide to dress up as one at Saturday's party.

Clara is home from school tomorrow so I won't get anything done as her bum is permanently welded to my lap and if I stand up then she is welded to my leg instead with the constant high pitched shriek of "UPPP". Very very very very very irritating and frustrating as I do actually want to get on with stuff and not be her own personal armchair / sedan chair.

Erm, so those tutus I was meant to make / finish....

I became overcome with the urge to send my two girls to their preschool concert in matching home made dresses.... still they look cute I think!

best crack on with the tutus now I suppose!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Do hiccups give anyone else The Rage?

Or is it just me who is totally and utterly irrationally irritated by them. Clara is sat on my lap hiccuping and it is all I can do not to throttle her to get them to stop. I loved them when the girls hiccuped in utero but outside of that if anyone has them I get a distinct urge to do some serious harm. Worse yet when an adult has them and refuses to try cures, then the red mist descends but because I am aware it is totally irrational I can't act on it.


[and breathe]

Waaaaaah.... why can't I just stick to my list?!

I still have 2 tutus, 1 mermaid costume and a doll changing bag and stuff to make so why, WHY have I just cut the pattern and outer material for 2 pinafore dresses?! And WHY have I cut the pattern for a pair of 4-5 pyjamas with the plan of cutting the pattern for the 2-3s tomorrow and finding the fabric tomorrow too. Not to mention the material for the bustle skirt that is sat in my dining room awaiting the arrival of the zipper and the lining material. Also 2 metres of lovely red draping material may have accidentally been purchased with the plan of making 2 superhero capes for the girls.

We have 7 days before we got to France, all of these projects need to be done by then (actually the mermaid needs to be done for Saturday and at least one tutu for Monday). I don't even have 2 full mornings off this week as it is the Preschool Concert on Wednesday so I will be back at school about an hour after drop off! And I still have to pack, for 4 of us, including all Christmas stuff whilst the girls are on holiday and they will be bored. At least Paul is a happy boy right now as I bought him Ski Boots on Saturday, he is now banned from telling me his feet hurt when he comes home after skiing.

Right so the plan of action is:

Tuesday: Nip to Haberdasher before swimming to find purple lining fabric for the pinafores and ribbon for the tutus and possibly some brushed cotton for the PJs. Evening sewing will be the tutus.

Wednesday: Daytime sewing will be the 2 pinafores before the concert. Evening sewing will be the mermaid outfit (providing the material arrives, if not the changing bags).

Thursday: Go to other Haberdasher if necessary to get material if I couldn't find it on Tues (with Clara in tow [hyperventilates]) Evening sewing, what ever I didn't do the previous night (if the material arrives again).

Friday: Daytime sewing: Bustle Skirt if the material has arrived. Make a start on the Pyjamas. Evening Sewing: Superhero Capes

Saturday: Make Marshallow Mountain in the am for Partay in the evening... I am going as Bellatrix Lestrange to Jane's Christmas Party... I hope I don't terrify any of the kids!

Sunday: Keel over!

Of course this is all dependant on the material I ordered from Ebay arriving in a timely manner!


Monday, 14 December 2009

The Lexi-sorus.

So ages ago I had an idea for a dinosaur costume but I had no idea how to go about it. It took me such a long time to find a pattern I could modify to suit it but I did eventually (Burda Cape 9674). Then I procrastinated a bit, and a bit more, then I ordered fabric and procastinated a bit more just for good measure. However last night I took the bull by the horns and cracked on with it... mostly as we are seeing the recipient and name sake Lexi on Saturday at their annual Christmas Party (I also have a mermaid outfit to do for his sister but that shouldn't be as tricksy). Paul helped with pattern and fabric cutting which sped up the process. I am pretty pleased with the result, what do you think?



It is huge on Phoebe as it is sized for 7 yr olds and she is 4 but you get the gist :D

Friday, 11 December 2009

Hello... helloo... is anybody there?!

Knock once for yes and twice for no... or am I talking to myself?

I know there was a comment issue but I think I have sorted it.

Lonely of London AKA Needy Caaaaaah

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Woooo Hoooooo! I have finished the adult pressies :D

I have just finished my last two evening bags... that completes the adult presents for Christmas 2009. Well the sewing bits anyway, I have been playing with Salt Dough (I am blaming Kirsty Allinson squarely for this) and I have some ornaments to be decorated that I am sending with the presents but I should get that done whilst the children are at school tomorrow providing I get to the art shop nice and early.

I just have the kids stuff to do, I finally figured out button holes so Humpty Dumpty needs finishing off with 6 of them and the 6 buttons sewing on. I have 1 more tutu to make and Clara's changing bag for her Baby Big Bum. I also have to make a Dinosaur and a Mermaid costume but they should be fairly straight forward and I just need the material to get here.

I have also decided to attempt to make the girl's Christmas PJs this year after getting this book early from my darling beloved. It has the cutest pattern for PJs so I am going to try and source the material and make the girls jamas. I think I might be a bit mad [high pitched laugh].

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Clara writing

Clara writing
Originally uploaded by *Puss*
She is 2 yrs 3 months! Phoebe was nearly 4 before she wrote her name! Mybecky helped with the r but the rest is all her own work. Poor Phoebe is going to be driven mad by catch up Clara!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Phoebe!

My big girl turned 4 yesterday! She had the most amazing weekend to celebrate too.

On Saturday we got up as normal only we didn't get dressed until Grannie called to say she was leaving her house. Then we all go dressed in normal togs, except Phoebe who donned her pretty party outfit. We took her up to the train station to meet Grannie as she was off on a day out with Grannie and Grande. She got thoroughly spoiled! They took her out for a Pizza-rific lunch and ice cream and then they headed into Covent Garden and took her to see The Lion King. According to Mum she was agog in the first half and totally enraptured with it all, she wasn't quite so keen on the Hyenas in the second half. Apparently they were a bit too loud and boring but once they went away she was again enraptured. She even got to meet Scar as the cast did a charity collection. Now, because Phoebe left Moose (her best friend) in the car with us Mum let her take one of her friends Leo the Lion. Leo went all over London, including meeting Scar where I am reliably informed he roared at him! Go Phoebe and Leo! We got home one very very happy and very very tired Phoebe just before bedtime. Mum tells me she was a total angel all day and there wasn't a moan or a whinge to be had from her (!) and that she was funny and sociable all day. I am so proud of her.

On Sunday we got up at the normal time and Phoebe pranced into our room as she normally does having forgotten the specialness of the day. She checked the weather and then suddenly turned to us as we asked what day it was with a shock face and a "It's my BIRTHDAY!". We suggested she might like to look in the bag at the bottom of the bed and she went present mad. She got a Waybuloo Yojojo playset, the Peppa Pig Wii game, a pink toy laptop, a hot pink princess dress, a kid tough camera, a load of bike goodies and a pink hi-vis vest. She opened all her cards and looked replete (if a little confused about the hi-vis vest...). I then made an excuse to come downstairs a little before them so I could set up to take this picture:

Do you think she liked her main gift? She did know she was getting it as we picked it out ages ago but I think she had forgotten in all the present palooza upstairs! Shortly after that she donned princess dress and helmet and went outside:

She was one happy child.

We had a party that afternoon where she was spoiled by yet more lovely gifts and had a wonderful time playing with her fabulous friends. It was lovely, there was no arguing or fighting and our house was filled with the sounds of kids laughing and playing and adults chatting. Marvellous.

I can't believe Phoebe is 4 though, it doesn't seem 30 seconds ago when I was in hospital having my waters broken and told it could be some time. Mum calling Paul telling him what the deal was, and then an hour later sending "Get here, NOW!" and Paul making the mad dash across London to get to us (we sent him to work after having being told it could be some time and we didn't want to waste his paternity leave!). My telling the anaesthetist to not go far in a snarl as I declared I needed to push right as he took the bloods to check I could have an epidural. And then suddenly this screaming little dark haired bundle who took one look and me and pooed. Then, of course, the immortal line I uttered as the midwife was doing the stitches and caught a not-numb-bit  "If I had wanted piercing I would have gone to Brighton!"... oh you have to love gas and air (no really you do... marvellous stuff!).

Phoebe has come so very far from that teeny 7lb 5oz bundle to this stonking great 4 year old with a cracking sense of humour, a fast eye and wit. She can push every button I have in about 30 seconds but I wouldn't change a thing about her and I adore every atom of her. Love you baby!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

I had the most lovely compliment today.

Yesterday when I picked Phoebe up I was told she had been bitten by another child. It was a one off occurrence and the child has never bitten anyone before so I calmly talked to Phoebe about what happened and she admitted she had taken his Thomas the Tank Engine off him. The little boy in question has very little english so probably just got frustrated and lashed out, which is very understandable. I reassured preschool I wasn't worried about the bite and to tell the other mother (who was mortified) not to worry, these things happen and Phoebe had antagonised the little boy.

Anyway I got into school this morning and one of the managers checked how the bite was (fine, nothing more than a mouth shaped bruise really) and said she was so impressed with Phoebe for owning up to taking the Thomas and that is was very unusual behaviour for a 4 yr old and that I had obviously done a wonderful job with her [blush]. I am chuffed to bits, no idea what I have done to create such an honest child (except maybe that punishment is less severe if they own up to something, not that punishment has ever gone beyond sitting on The Step). I am very proud of her for understanding that she has to tell the truth about things, even when she thinks she will get into trouble for it. This morning she went into school with instructions to say sorry to the little boy for taking his Thomas and to give him a hug and make him a friend and to help him with his words. No idea if she did or not but I hope so, I know she understands the lack of speech frustration.

The Tutu in action.

I didn't make this one but Annabel did from my pattern and it is the first picture I have of another child wearing one. Doesn't she look gorgeous!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Whoopsie! I am a bad Mummy.

We forgot to get the girl's advent calendars down from the loft this weekend (well it was rather busy). And I don't think we are going to, both girls are going through a destructo curious phase and I don't fancy losing bits left right and centre. Plus we have Phoebe's birthday on Sunday and I don't like starting anything Christmasy until after that, seems unfair to me somehow. AND we are going away (note to theiving robdogs: The house will be watched, mitts off!) so there is little point going all out on the decorations is there. As penance I read one of the Father Christmas books at bedtime last night, twice.

We will do something special for Yule on the 21st, I am not sure what yet though. Maybe take the girls skating or something along those lines. Or at the very least to see Father Christmas.

I am looking forward to Christmas Eve this year though, it will be the first time we do a set up with Mum and it will be cool!