Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mummy... Where did you live when the earth was built...?

Asks Phoebe en route to swimming!

I told her I wasn't alive when the earth was built as it was made millions of years ago. She thought for a minute then asked if I was dead. I explained I wasn't dead as I hadn't been born yet. She paused a little whilst thinking about this and then asked...

Where did Granny live then?!

That'll go down well then!

Friday, 10 February 2012

I can now officially put my elbows on the table!

I became an Aunty today so, according to my Mother and Aunt at least, I can now rest my elbows on the table with a clear conscience!

In all seriousness my lovely sister Jennie and her husband Shane welcomed their twin girls Roisin and June today! I am delighted for them and really hoping that Jennie will be well enough for us to go and see them and the babies soon!

My two girls are thrilled and were desperate to meet them today! Clara thought they should be called Cinderella and Pinky though but I am sure she will come around to the fabulous names the girls have!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I can feel the "where do babies come from" question coming..

My sister is about to have twins. The girls are ridiculously excited about this and we have had many many conversations about how and where they themselves were born (Phoebe in hospital and Clara at home... much to her shock (and mine, Phoebe remembered details that I didn't think she would!)). They know babies come out of "tummies" or "rooms" (Clara interpretation) and that all women have these special places to grow babies. They know that a period is me getting ready to redecorate my room for a baby but that I am not having any more as I have a special thing in there that stops them (Yay for the mirena). Although Clara is currently still demanding that she wants a new sister called Cinderella... dream on kid... dream on!

However thus far they haven't asked where the room is and where the exit is. Or, most crucially how the baby gets in there in the first place. Now I wouldn't normally worry too much but Phoebe is a very particular little girl who generally isn't fobbed off with "special cuddles" and the like. She likes specifics and is fairly used to an honest approach by us. So do I take the scientific approach and say that Mummy has a special egg and Daddy has a special egg and we put them together and that makes a baby and hope that the semantics of the situation become forgotten in the whole "There are eggs in your tummy?!" or better yet "so that is what those funny things by Daddy's willy are!" (sorry dear!) and hope she puts 2+2 together and makes a number somewhere int he vicinity of 4. Or do we go with the whole basics of sex thing... if she is anything like me her response will be similar "what you have to take your knickers off!".

At least one thing is certain, if I know my girls the question will be posed at the most inappropriate time they can find.