Thursday, 28 January 2010

Morning off Mark 2.

Ok, I am grabbing a plank of wood as I type this for fear of invoking the law of sod.

Phoebe went back to school today, and no explodapoo from Clara so methinks they are on the mend. So tomorrow they are BOTH going to preschool and I am going to drive over to the big haberdasher in Tooting and purchase pattern paper (or if it is too expensive, a lot of greaseproof paper) and pretty cords and I am going to make the girls a couple of dresses each. If. It. Kills. Me. I may also make a pinafore dress but as that requires making and drafting the pattern myself I may leave that until I am feeling a little braver.

I am also waiting for a Photobox payment (I sell my prints through them) and then I am going to on a Button Buying Bonanza at my lovely friend Caroline's Folksy Shop. So many lovely things, so little time!

I also need to think of what I am going to wear to my sister's 30th birthday. I was going to be a photographer so I could do some basic coverage without having to faff with a costume. However I have pulled out of the togging for anxiety issues (caused a guilt ridden sleepless night... bah!) so I can embrace my inner (yeah right) fairy. When I was little I was so like Clara, I was always a princess or a fairy. I don't mean I pretended to be or just played dress up, I WAS them. My long term career goal was to be the tooth fairy. Sadly it is a tricky business to get into and I didn't make the grade, something about no wings. My current thoughts is a black sparkly corset, a pair of black leggings and a rainbow bustle skirt made from a chiffony fabric. Oh and a pair of big black bovver boots (for kicking out those awkward teeth!). I am going to make up some teethy jewellery from Fimo. I may also make some drapey wings with sleeves (50% pretty, 50% coverage of the Bingo Wings...).

Then the girls need outfits, I am thinking Evil Genius for Clara with a bit of hairgel, a white coat and a BIG RED BUTTON hung around her neck, she can do the crazed look herself (hee hee, in reality if I can get her to wear anything but a fairy outfit it will be a miracle!). Phoebe, well she wants to be an artist currently but I suspect that will change a billion and one times before we get to the party. Paul is going as a geek. I have to think of a way he can include some of his geek speak in it (RTFM,  I D TEN T Error, 12 o'clock flasher etc) any ideas for that? Maybe as a faux company name or something?

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Daisy78 said...

Your costume sounds fab can't wait to see a picture of it. Your husband could dress as mine - he's geeky ;)