Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I am so lax...

I bought these letters ages ago from ebay with the intention of painting them and then hanging them over their pegs. I of course haven't done anything since then because, well I have no excuses really do I! This evening I felt like doing it so I did:

The colourings are so them. Clara suits red and white spots so much and Phoebe is much more of a pastel girl. It is odd that they suit different things because they have very similar colouring. Mind you I look daft in red too, it is just too hot a colour for me. Not that I am seen out of black and blue very often mind... the odd foray into teal or purple but mostly black. Except on my nails where I enjoy a range of interesting and vivid colours, I was wearing violet recently but Boots had a fab deal on and I will am now sporting a rather fabulous dark teal colour. I also have blue, pale blue, yellow, hot pink and a metallic purple in my collection. Nothing makes me feel happier than freshly painted nails, I like the sheen and the neatness of them.

On a slightly different note the patterns for the two dresses I am planning to make myself arrived today. We are headed over to my sisters house on Saturday afternoon so Paul can mount her TV on the wall (and probably sort out some computer issues whilst he is there...). I will be taking advantage of Aunty Isy and will whip out, hopefully grab my friend Annabel from around the corner and go to the haberdashers to look at fabric for the first dress I am going to make. I also have some of the girl's Christmas Money left so I am going to buy some Needlecord and make some pinafore's using LiEr from Ikat bag's pattern. I might see if I can find a couple of trouser patterns too as they are both needed a few nice pairs. My aim is to make as many clothes as I can for the girls and myself this year. I wonder if I can send Phoebe to school in a home made pinny come September.

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