Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I wish I could dance.

I also wish I could Ice Skate. Clara loves to dance, Phoebe is currently obsessed by Ice Skating. she demands a showing of Dancing on Ice every night before bed and is absolutely transfixed. I want to take her soon and plans are afoot but I am having a totally irrational worry that I am projecting my desires onto them.

The chances of me learning even the basics of pretty ice skating are slim as I am, to be blunt, fat. Lets not mention slightly ungainly and pretty ungraceful too! Still I love gliding around on the blades and despite going to a ski resort about once a year I haven't been to the local Patinoire yet, no time with everyone else skiing and looking after the girls. I would adore to learn something as simple as graceful backwards ice skating and maybe a few turns and twiddles. Owning my own skates would probably make me combust!

As soon as Clara turns 2.5 I will look into ballet lessons for her, she still does the exercises from the class we watched Mybecky's little girl do before Christmas. Phoebe is a bit trickier, I am planning a girls day out for her with another Mum so both our girls can have a go on the ice together. If Phoebe loves it I will probably see if I can get her lessons at a more local rink, see how she does and if she enjoys it. Ballet is a little too calm for her, she is a rocker at heart.

I just hope I am not projecting and that the girls really want to do these things and will enjoy them, even if it is just for a term or what ever. If they attack with the same vivacity as they do with swimming then they are going to be ace!


Anonymous said...

You are not projecting - you are presenting them with amazing opportunites and creating lots of exciting options for them to choose from, lucky lucky girls!

l'optimiste said...

so right! I am sure that if they don't want to do anything, you will find out quite clearly - and loudly!

what fun - I loved ice skating, and played ice hockey - very violent. Show Phoebe some on TV. ;o)

Muddling Along Mummy said...

I don't think you can really persuade children to do things that they don't want to

That said, you really should consider getting a few lessons yourself and see if you can master skating backwards (its one of the things I really want to do at some stage ... just need to find the chance !)