Monday, 4 January 2010

Nooo! Damn you cold weather!

Curses! Our car battery died again today. Bum bum bum. This means I couldn't nip to the haberdasher to get a zip and some quilting wadding to finish my door stop. Instead I helped Mybecky make a duffle bag for her little girl Millie to cart about her Silvanian Family stuff in. So that is 2 projects down from the Cath Kidston SEW book, not a bad start.

Mind you whilst Mybecky and I were sewing, the 4 children (top age: 10, youngest: 2) were playing. By which I mean they got every single toy out. You seriously could not see the floor in the living room! Still they all helped to tidy up before they went so alls well etc.

Tomorrow we are back to normal only less blue flyish, Phoebe's swimming lesson has changed from 2pm to 4.30pm so we don't have to race about so much which will be nice (assuming the car is working tomorrow that is...). I am so glad school starting back tomorrow, don't get me wrong I love my children dearly but those 6 hours a week when they are both at school and I am not responsible for them are very precious! I think I will finish my door stop on Weds and depending on what material I get from Ikea on Weds pm I might have a bash at quilting on Friday (although I hope my fabric arrives from Ebay before then so I might just make the plastic bag holder on Friday). Me, My Sewing Machine and Radio 2, bliss!

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badsparklythings said...

Ooh, I'm off to Ikea this week for fabric too - very excited! Looking forward to seeing your doorstop, I'm hoping to make one this weekend.