Thursday, 20 October 2011

Potter room DONE!

And has been for a while but getting it all tidy whilst there is lots of lovely light to photograph it at it's best!

I am so proud of doing it by myself and Phoebe is in heaven in there and loves the spells on the wall and is loving her veyr own Firebolt! 

Whilst I was in the mood I decided the dining room needed a make over too so I painted the walls white and put some wallpaper in. It has brightened it up amazingly well:

The whole house has now been redecorated! It has only taken me 7 years since we moved in but hey... it's done and it looks awesome!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

We interupt Phoebe's room to show Clara's!

Phoebe's room is most of the way done. I have still got to wallpaper (there is a radiator in the way) and paint the back wall, dress the window (ideas on a postcard?!) and then we are just waiting on the stickers from America.

In the mean time I decided to do Clara's bedroom as well as I bought the paint with Phoebe's on a BOGOF. That and I was sick of Clara going on and on and on about her ruddy pink bedroom! So yesterday I painted, and I mean painted, with a brush the walls PINK. I was going to do one wall PINK and the other 2 small walls a paler pink but the funny thing about mixing paint in the shadow behind C's bed and in a red bucket so it wasn't quite as pale as I would have liked. Today I wallpapered for the first ever time and managed not to horrify the neighbours with cursing too! And now Clara's room looks like this:

I am particularly pleased with my inspirational idea of going around the quote with a cloud like bubble. This was absolutely nothing to do with being bone crushingly lazy and not being able to face removing it bit by bit and never getting it back on the wall right. Oh no... not at all!

Clara is one very happy, quiet, bunny now!