Sunday, 21 August 2011


Boy we have had an "interesting" time of it recently!

It started last friday when I was driving the girls from swimming to soft play to celebrate Phoebe achieving her 10m swimming badge. The girls distracted me and I took my eye of the road for a few seconds and managed to rear end someone. Of course as we were in stop start traffic it meant that 4 cars in total got bumped. Thankfully every one walked away from the accident despite all being, obviously, quite shaken! Thank goodness we have bells and whistles insurance so all was covered and, I believe, sorted quickly. The downside is our car was so damaged it has been written off. SOB! When I get back to the UK we start the unpleasant task of car shopping... uff! This means negotiating a balance between needs and wants. I want a car that is functional and Paul wants one that is a bit peppier than functional!

As if that wasn't enough I went to finish the laundry this Monday and our washing machine has totally given up the ghost. As it is 10 yrs old and has been very reliable it isn't a big surprise but honestly the timing could have been better. Paul and I had a conversation in which I pointed out that if it came to a choice of car vs washing machine then the washing machine wins hands down. It has duly been ordered and hopefully Paul will take delivery of it today.

Of course these things happen in threes. So approximately 2 hrs after discovering the washing machine had met it's maker the builders arrived to re render and fix a long standing leak in Phoebe's room. Only to remove the render and discover this:

Yup, the window arch has collapsed meaning the work they need to do is going to cost approximately 5 times the amount it was. Not Good. It had to be done thought so the wall now looks like this:

Hopefully though that means the leak in Phoebe's room is no more and that we (read I) can redecorate it for her in the near future to make it look much prettier and neater! She doesn't "do" pink so I am currently thinking about maybe a pale blue / lilac colour in there to set off the fab Laura Ashley Butterfly wallpaper we bought for the back wall.

Maybe with some Hello Kitty Vinyl stickarounds on the painted wall... not sure yet.

Anyway, I was very grateful when Wednesday came and myself and the girls got on the train, plane and boat to get to my Dad's house in Greece! Hopefully when we return all will be well and life will return to a blissful normal... well as normal as it gets Chez Moi anyhow...!

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