Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today I have:

Finished the washing (well the washing that I started yesterday, the laundry basket is, of course, full again now).
Cleared upstairs, made all beds and opened all the curtains.
Defrosted and roasted a chicken for supper (thai green curry).
Cuddled Clara endlessly (I think she is turning into my little stalker, I can't go anywhere without her attached to me).
Bathed and put to bed the hobgoblins early (Paul was running late courtesy of the annoying white stuff)
Bought in all the things required by His Nibs for his birthday fry up.
Cuddled Clara a bit more
Witnessed Phoebe pretending to be a neuron (lying face down on the little table shouting "Nina! YOU NEED A WEEEEEEEEEEEE").

I have neglected my poor sewing machine today as I have been so busy... I still have to tidy the living room and finish cooking supper (well when the chicken is cooked anyway!). I will then be keeling over as I can't seem to shake the tired feeling at the moment. I could sleep all the time and I feel pretty low, possibly time to go and see the doc again. Could be that I looked up a couple of things today and I should learn and shouldn't look as it just upsets me. I miss doing my photo a day project but I can't face going back as there are people in the group that I don't want any contact with (for self protection purposes). But at the same time I feel useless and worthless and pathetic for the avoidance. I used to take a lot of pleasure from exploring what I was feeling in picture form but I can't now for fear of being accused of indirect attacks or being a bitch. I feel totally, urgh... I don't know... trapped? I hate it and I hate this illness.


Claire said...

I completely understand how you feel. And how horrid that people have critised your work! I am always very inspired by what you achieve, balls to them.

Look after yourself
Claire x

Redbedhead said...

Shame you are not on PAD but sounds like you are keeping yourself incredibly busy!

Laura said...

It's a big enough group, and I'm sure you have never had nor ever would, any nasty comments if you were to rejoin.