Sunday, 3 January 2010

What happened to all the lovely wooden stuff in ELC?!

Ok so the kitchen the girl's are getting from their Christmas voucher hoard is out of stock up it is still showing on the website. But where are the wooden pans, the blender, the toaster, the kettle etc! I am going to have to get the plastic ones at this rate and that will ruin the ethos (not to mention the plastic ones generally make [gasp] noise!). I suppose I could look elsewhere for the wooden things but they wouldn't match then and I do like things to match [shallow].

To accomodate the rather fab kitchen we have had a little move around in the dining room. The puppet theatre has gone upstairs to Phoebe's room. The girl's bookshelf has been moved from the wall by the understairs cupboard to the wall next to the front door and the girl's coat hooks and shoe bags will be moved over to the small amount of space on the other side of the cupboard. This leaves a nice big space of wall but with 2 holes in it left over from the pegs... Gah! At least it was Gah! Until Paul had a brilliant Idea.... we could make a little faux window with MDF and a few bits of baton, then I could make some curtains for it. PERFECT! Now I have to decide what scene I am going to attempt to paint outside their window... maybe a park?

Above the kitchen I am going to make a huge notice board in the same fabric as I have covered the chair pads with. This is going to be used to display some of the girl's artwork. Until now I have lovingly stored it all in the bin [bad mummy] (except the important bits, like things they have made for occasions or the first time they have written their names) because we just have no where to put it but the notice board will solve that.

Hmmm so many plans, so little time!

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l'optimiste said...

sounds like the girls need their own house? ;o)