Friday, 22 January 2010

What a day!

Started off badly but ended pretty well!

Sheesh, 31 yrs and I am sat here with 2 skinned knees, a skinned hell of my hand and a big old bruise on my ego! I was taking the girls into Preschool, as normally happens Phoebe had dashed ahead desperate to get in and play and I was carrying Clara (who will NOT walk if she doesn't want to, we are working on it!). I moved over on the path to let through another Mum with a folded pushchair could come past when I slipped and went down on one knee, followed by the other and I just kept falling. Thankfully Clara was unhurt and just cross that her bum was covered in sodden berries. Apparently she was most indignant when Mybecky changed her trousers poor girl... if only she had walked huh! I got in the car and headed home to clean myself up, mostly cross that I had been wearing clean jeans and now I was wearing most of the berry population from the garden!

Anyway, shortly after I had cleaned up the day took a turn for the better, the nice man from Ovens2new came and made my disgusting oven (fondly known as "The carbon hole", well it adds flavour doesn't it?!) shiny and clean! Seriously it is sparkling now! Ok so when I thought the filth was catching fire the other day it was in fact the element burning out and shorting, but hey the oven is clean and insuring it stays that way for a while lol! Paul is on the case with the element so it should be functional by the end of the weekend.

Mum arrived after the nice oven man went home and the usual delight infected the girls as they spotted her at the end of Preschool. We had a lovely afternoon involving home made Pizza, Just Dance for the Wii (so much fun btw!) and a quick trip out to Mothercare to spend some money that GA (Great Aunt) Joyce had given the girls for Christmas.

Yup, the day got better and it is a good day today, even if I am limping.


Daisy78 said...

Did you take before & after shots of the oven?
Hope the knees heal quickly x

Vix said...

No, I was FAR too ashamed of the before picture. Suffice it to say it was VILE.

l'optimiste said...

oh poo [this is a mumsy version oh for Fucks Sakes] - ashamed of falling over??!! come one...lots of worse things happen, and you know it.

you are a great mum. that is all that counts.

Vix said...

Nooo, far too ashamed of the state of my oven lol! It was utterly disgraceful!