Friday, 1 January 2010


Today I :
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • made fresh bread
  • sewed 2 winter bags for the girls to keep their hats, scarves and gloves in
  • made the Cath Kidson Bag I got in Sew!
  • cleaned and tidied my sewing box. 
  • Played and cuddled the children.
  • watched the last episode of DT's Doctor Who
So why don't I feel like I have achieved anything? I feel so, well, spare partish at the moment. Like I don't belong anywhere. I can't explain it really, I wish I could it would make things easier I think. I am back on my meds after mucking them up on holiday as I was all over the shop with regards to sleeping arrangements so it isn't that.

So, in conclusion. my thoughts are: Meh!


Muddling Along Mummy said...

Blimey you make me look like a slackabed - don't show my hubby your blog please

Vix said...

LOL! I am normally, Paul is home so I am pretending I actually do do things whilst he is at work lol!

Redbedhead said...

Wow - I would be impressed if I managed to get all that done in a day!