Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh a long awaited moment!

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It has been another one of those days! Although thankfully productive.

Once I had shipped both of the girls off to school (got to love Wednesdays and Friday) I retired home with a vague idea of a spot of baking. So I made fruit scones with which to bribe the girls with later in the day (neither are good eaters at the moment, mostly as Phoebe doesn't and what ever Phoebe does or doesn't, Clara follows suite). They came out beautifully and gave me a tasty treat to eat whilst (finally!) editing the photoshoot I have had looking at me for far too long.

Paul has given me his lurgy so I have been sneezing all day, I don't know what is worse sneezing or having one stuck. It has been one way or the other all day and both are very very annoying.

Now I should explain this picture, you may think either "what a dedicated blogger" or "dear lord, she SLEEPS with her LAPTOP!". Well it is neither, I am sadly lacking in any form of ipod or MP3player (although being a dedicated AppleMac house anything else would be blasphemous!). Much as I love him I don't want to borrow Paul's as he keeps his running music (ha, I call it music... it isn't, at least not to me... it is vaguely rhythmical noise!) on it and I use itunes to listen to audio books to help my sleep. Can you imagine how awful it would be (and incredibly predictable) for the tracks to run from nice soothing story to high octane running noise?! So every night I lug my laptop up, turn off the interweb and my mail program and close it until just closed enough so that itunes will still play and yet the screen will also go to sleep and save power, plug my headphones in and dream off to a lovely story. Ideally in a few months I will get an iphone to add to the Mac Family we already have. So I will be able to use that instead, I am also yearning for a memory foam Sound Asleep Pillow, that way I won't have to use uncomfortable earphones.

Anyway I am off to bed, I have just downloaded Anne of Avonlea to listen to tonight. I am quite looking forward to it as it is read by Megan Follows (played Anne in the TV series) so she will be able to say Avonlea properly and it won't be so annoying.

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