Sunday, 29 April 2012

Literal translations....

Yesterday we were at Phoebe's friend Nathan's birthday party. It was held at a football place near the kid's school. Phoebe and Clara had a fab time running around and playing football. Phoebe decided she was captain of Team England and lead them in a 7:7 draw with the other side (team Chelsea apparently).

After the match they were told they had played a really good game and should shake hands. All the other children started to move to do so. Phoebe stood stock still and did "Jazz Hands". If you are unaware of the jazz hand move then this vid demos it nicely!

Thankfully Phoebe wasn't so camp although she was still very amusing!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Week from Hell & Happy St Georges Day!

Last week can be summed up in 3 words. Clara Chicken Pox. Oh my good lordy lord... Mariah Carey could take Diva lessons from Clara! Add to that the fact we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Little Brown cat and it does not a good week make. We were all glad when it was over and we were able to do a little recovery over the weekend.

On a happier notes today the girl's school was celebrating St Georges day. They were allowed to wear red or white, be a princess or a knight. Clara was predictable and was in her Princess outfit like a shot. Phoebe surprisingly wanted to be a Princess too, unusual I was convinced that she was going to want to be a knight (which btw... thanks to Monty Python is pronounced Ker-niggit in my head!). Anyway Princess dress was located in TK Maxx complete with cape.

So this morning came and they donned costumes, did hair and were ready:

As it was St Georges day I was invited (read Shanghai'd) to stay at school to join in the fun activities the school had planned. The school assembled on the field where, rather inconveniently, a dragon had laid a massive egg! Loads of activities were planned around the school and the girls took part in making a dragon puppet, creating a dragon rap (well... sort of, on account of the drums, Phoebe and I spent that session sat outside), making masks and writing news stories about St George's triumph over the dragon

(I shouldn't be left alone with computers and writing applications....) and making dragon scale handprints to go on the massive dragon. They had lots of fun and then I got to go home and they went off and had a picnic in the hall (was meant to be on the grounds but...well... it's april, in England. It rained!).

Hopefully they are both wiped enough for an early night as I am shattered. Reading until 3am is never a good thing to do before embarking on a morning at school with children!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Gogoi and the Lost Teddy. By Phoebe.

This was Phoebe's Easter Homework and she was so proud she wanted me to share it. She had to plan and write a story and here it is... warts and all!

One sunny day Phoebe and Gogoi were walking through the orchard. Suddenly Gogoi stopt and yeld  "I'ev lost my teddy!" Phoebe said "Don't wury lets make posters and put them up". Phoebe did the draring because she was best at it. Gogoi did the riting and photocopying.

Weil Phoebe and Gogoi were putting the posters up. Mum saw a poster so she asked if she can help. Mum looked on the grawed because she was ufraid of hits. Phoebe lookied in the midel. Last but not least Gogoi looked at the tipetop of the trees and there was ted!

"Teeeeed" thay cheered. Phoebe climd tall tree and down with ted. She gave ted to Gogoi whoo gave ted a big hug.

The End.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sleep Overs...

Phoebe had her friend N over for a sleep over tonight. They started off in her room but N took issue with the blue wall in there and when I came up to comfort him he played his ace. He declared he wanted his Mummy, alas I knew that wasn't a possibility so I played the only card I could think of and suggested that they might like to watch Wizard of Oz (oh thank you timely Love Film!) in my bed and try and go to sleep in there. Thankfully that worked like a charm and by the time Paul and I climbed up the stairs to go to bed they had both fallen asleep!

Paul moved them back into Phoebe's room without issue thankfully!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Seriously Impressive Bruising!

Clara has a shiner. I should be horrified for the poor wee love, she thwacked her face on a slide in softplay last week. And I am, I really am. But still you HAVE to appreciate a good bruise and oh my, it is a good one. Starts on her cheek bone and then works its way up to her eye with a myriad of colours as well!

I mean is that not a seriously impressive bruise?! It is the Clara Way, if you are going to do it... do a Good Job of it!

The Kamikaze Kid rules supreme!

Oh and I have absolutely NOT been telling her to tell people that the Easter Bunny beat her up... No sir not me!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Do you know the BEST thing about having Phoebe?

She has absolutely no "they are a bit different" radar to speak of.

Take yesterday when we went to our friend Lexi's birthday party, she fitted right in with the boys who all have autism or something along those lines. She was in ecstasies about the lego figure in the party bags and about all the lego Lexi got for his birthday. She didn't make any comment on the fact that J was wearing Ear Defenders (something P does voluntarily when things get too much for her anyway!). It was also great for her as no one batted an eye that she didn't want her pizza because it wasn't round and pizzas are meant to be round (I have to say these friends wouldn't have batted an eyelid anyway but it was nice to be at a party where quirky was the norm!). Or her mild panic that the sugar in the cake would make her sick!

My particularly proud moment came when we headed off to the SEN play session at a local soft play area. There was a boy, lets call him O, who came running out of there as soon as our lot entered saying they shouldn't be there. We explained that they were autistic so it was allowed and that settled that. It transpired that O likes hugging little girls so the 3 non quirky girls were prime hugging material so spent a lot of time running away from him. Phoebe once she realised that he just wanted to be friends went and hugged him, took him by the hand and played with him beautifully! His Mum was really quite touched and Phoebe is still talking about O today.

Phoebe has loads of quirks that make her stand out alone amongst her peers a lot of the time but she also has a massive all encompassing heart and absolutely no fear of showing it. Once she has someone pigeon holed in her head (I think she has an internal naughty / nice list) she will be unfailingly kind and loving.

Next week's party will be more interesting for her as it is Rowan's birthday and this means hoards of 6-7yr old girls! I am predicting Phoebe and Lexi, iphones and headphones! Still Clara will have a ball, her and Rowan are so close it is lovely to see. It is nice for them to have each other too as they both miss out on the traditional sibling interaction on some levels.

There are a few negatives to opening your eyes to the fact that something isn't quite right with your child. But some of the benefits are amazing and Phoebe's massive heart and willingness to use it is definitely one of them!