Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lows and Highs.

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I have been poorly sick today, I slept in and when I woke and tried to come downstairs I came over all peculiar and had to go back to bed. Meaning I missed out on going to see my friend and seeing my step sister AND going to the haberdasher to buy material to make some of the clothes for the girls.


I had the afternoon to myself whilst Paul and the girls were out.
I felt better after the day in bed
I got to perv at the lovelies in Star Trek again.
I made Tirimisu for desert tomorrow (pictured)
I booked the holiday with friends and am very excited!

Recipe for Tirimisu was given to Mum by a little old italian woman and I have used this recipe since. It contains [gasp] no alcohol but I have never, ever had a complaint about that. I would pass on the recipe but I have forgotten the measurements and do it all by eye now (one the few sweet recipes I can do that with). I just need to buy a flake on the way to see our friends tomorrow to finish it off! I am really looking forward to it, good friends, children that play well together and consequently leave us alone and good food. Perfect combination!


l'optimiste said...

good. you managed.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Hope you're feeling better (and still sounds like a fairly fine day)