Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Well I have complained about the school related crapness.

Stage one, complaint has gone to the LEA about the lack of information I have. If this isn't sorted satisfactorily step two will be to contact everyone else I can possibly think of. This includes local papers and Phoebe and I doing our Sad Face stood outside the building site if need be (oh man I hope it doesn't come to that!). I would like to be honest and say I have embraced the rage but in fact I have spent a large portion of the day in tears about it all and the other half in a raging strop!

Paul is out tonight so I will have to do all the washing, packing and cleaning tonight. And as he is out I will be having my customary take out, not sure what I fancy tonight but I will be abusing the facility of Just Eat so I don't even have to talk to anyone... I fear spelling my name may send me skipping over the edge of all reason!

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