Tuesday, 8 June 2010

School Update.

2nd round application letter came out today. We didn't get a new place for Phoebe. Worse yet we are now in a worse position for the 2 schools closest to us. We were 29th for our first choice, we are now 32nd, we were 16th on the 2nd choice and we are now 17th. The third is better, we were 16th and are now 11th.

Time to crack out the big guns and play the mental health card. Especially as this is the major thing upsetting my wobbly apple cart at the moment. The appeals forms are in the post to us now and I have to get a letter from my GP stating my mental health status. Better book an appt really, I need more happy pills anyway.

I really wish I could either reconcile her going to her current placement or sort a new one out. I cry everytime I think about it (not with her around obv). I so want to get excited with her and go and buy her uniform (we have planned a day out in London to do it). But it feels like everything is on pause at the moment and I really hate that feeling.

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l'optimiste said...

what a strange system? thankful I don't have to go through all that. Fingers crossed you get it sorted.

PS: play the mental health card heh heh - I do the cancery one all the time! shocking isn't it? but hey, any advantage in a hard world I say! ;o) Good luck!!