Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Litha!

Blessed Be!

Today is the 21st June, the longest day, the summer solstice and Litha! Today is the day the sun is at it's most powerful and we celebrate the middle of the year. The time of ripening in the suns basking glory and enjoy the time before the harvest begins. In God and Goddess terms it is the time that the Goddess is pregnant and enjoying the warm glow. It is also the time that the Holly King over throws the Oak King. To me it is about enjoying the sun and all it's gifts. I am not in a place to celebrate it out and about at the moment but I can't help remembering back to my first proper Litha celebration with people who were then internet weirdies and are now good friends.

They do, of course, have real names but I know them best as Nem and Morph as they were our user names on the first forum I ever joined! I went by Vixen then so they know me as Vix, handy old trick up my sleeve there lol! It must have been a while into the forum's life when we came up with the idea of an all night camp out to celebrate Litha. I drove down from Cheltenham where I was living at the time and, picking up someone else en route, we all met up near where they lived. We headed up to the downs and found a little hollow out that Nem and Morph used for celebrations already! I should add that the person who had come from the furthest flew in from the states just in time to help us celebrate, Lotus. Lotus, Nem and I used to abuse the chat room facility (back when they had one!) to talk once a week. Anyway, we had a fire, celebrated and a firm friendship was born. I was one of their corners (in a pagan wedding ceremony, someone stands at each of the main 4 compass points representing the associating element) I think I performed beautifully... just a shame I was in the West and my element was water... it was a little soggy! They were there when Paul proposed to me on another Litha. I was in the west again (and yes, it rained) for their nephew's birth celebration and they performed my handfasting for me. Here are a few pics of the first ever summer solstice celebration I attended:

Nem, Morph and Floyd (their gorgeous dog back then)

Moi, a good deal younger than I am now!

The sunrise.

Such wonderful memories! I can't wait to make a big batch of new ones when we move to live closer to them!

Oh and if you are celebrating (or even if you aren't) could you please keep young Kimble from "Just because I am me" in your thoughts today as he undergoes heart surgery and I am sure his mother will appreciate any vibes you can send his way.

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