Thursday, 24 June 2010

Awww, Phoebe loves her buns!

Today at school the girl's keyworker Mybecky bought in some carrots she had grown (she had absolutely NOT bought them from Waitrose... no no no!). The children helped prepare them and then had them for snack time (yes, even Miss Perniticky Phoebe). Phoebe then piped up that her rabbits would like to eat the greens so she got them to bring home on the condition that I photographed the rabbits eating them! So I did:

Phoebe feeding the rabbits the carrot tops

Topsy and Turvey selecting their treats

Turvey likes the orange bits best!

Topsy likes the greens.

I now have one happy child and 2 very happy rabbits as well as 4 photographs to take to school tomorrow!

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