Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Oopsie Daisy!

Today we went to swimming as we normally do. However we left early as I decided to try out the paint stripper on the cupboard and the fumes were hideous! So I bribed the girls by saying we could go and look around the toyshop before swimming. All fine except Clara fell asleep in the car on the way there so instead we parked up and Phoebe came in the front with me and we listened to the story CD I had put in the car and looked at horsey things on the iPhone (btw... OS4....I likey!). All was going fine until it came time to close up the car and go into swimming. I realised I hadn't be sat with the engine running like I thought I had and as I turned the engine back on everything went very very silent. I had run the battery on the car flat.


Thank heavens for Admiral, after a brief (slightly stressed, mostly apologetic) phone call to Paul he arranged for them to call me and we arranged an engineer to be there for 5pm happily co-inciding with the end of swimming! He jump started the car and I drove home petrified that I would stall and that would be us buggered again!

As an aside swimming went well, after some initial reluctance (read "I need a weeeee" "I need a Pooooo" etc) from Clara she had a great lesson and Phoebe managed a whole length of backstroke and a whole length of a fairly decent stab-a-roony of front crawl! So at least that was a good end to the day! I was so happy to be home by the end of it though, it was like a sauna in swimming as they have to put the heating on for the babies in the morning, so you can imagine what it was like come afternoon!

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