Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sewing is a best thing to get over a bad day...

Well the school thing got worse when I finally plucked up the courage to call the school she has a place at. Only to be told that it wasn't in existence yet and probably wouldn't be for September, this means Phoebe will be potentially attending an absolute dump of a school and if the upheaval from Pre-school to Primary School (on her own... none of her friends are going to this school) wasn't enough there will be an additional upheaval from the old building to the new building! GAH, it is SO infuriating that it is so out of my hands and I am just on tenterhooks all the time. I hate this feeling.

Swimming didn't make me feel much better, today both girls decided to play up! I hate it when they do that as it is such a waste when they can do so much better. That and I felt distinctly inferior to all the fabulous mothers there. I am so disorganised that I always appear a disaster area, it seems like my children are the only ones who eat crisps and sweets and not fruit and other health foods (they do, I just never prepare snacks ahead of time due the aforementioned disorganisation!).

Anyway, what better way to get over a bad day than to get creative! I managed to go to the haberdashers with Clara this morning and picked up the last thing I needed for my latest bag. Remember that fabric I loved, well I bought it and bought a nice pattern from Etsy. I made most of it the other day but I didn't have a magnetic catch so that was the missing link. I fitted it today and then tonight I finished off the handles and sewed it all together!

Smug points a-go-go for next Tuesday eh?! Now I better remember to stock it with healthy treats too!

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Bowski said...

Oooh I love that bag! If you sold them I'd buy one!!