Sunday, 13 June 2010

Farm Fun!

Today was Open Farm Sunday and so we toddled off to visit a local farm! The girls have never been to a proper working farm before now, they have visited attraction farms but not a real one. They met pigs, cows, sheep and horses. We saw a sheep being sheared and it was pretty amazing to see that huge amount of wool come off the animal! Then right outside was a wee tent so we could see what happened next and a nice lady explained to Phoebe the process, how the wool was cleaned and then brushed and finally spun into the wool she could recognise! She was fascinated by it all. We had a look around the market they had there and admired the bread (I may have purchased some Walnut bread...) and the fresh meats (ditto some Pork and Baked Bean sausages) and fish. The girls were a little alarmed at the fish stall as they were selling a HUGE crab, I had to explain it was a dead crab so it wasn't going to pinch her. Rather embarrassingly myself and the stall holder seemed to slip into the infamous Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch about it... It is an Ex-crab, it has ceased to be etc etc etc. We had a tractor ride and got to see the cattle out grazing in the fields and we all decided that beef would taste much nicer from them. My girls have no qualms about eating meat and knowing where it has come from it seems!

I think Phoebe's utter favourite was a small pony who went by the name of April:

She asked for a pony the other day, only to be told no because our garden was too small. I can feel some riding lessons coming on. Especially after they said she could sit on April:

I will have to do a spot of googling for reasonably priced lessons I think!

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Michael Brooke said...

When I was in the Czech Republic for a children's film festival at the beginning of June, I went to no fewer than two parties that featured an entire dead pig stretched out on a table, and you basically just brought your plate up and had bits carved off it for you. I get the feeling they're not especially sentimental about where meat comes from over there - and it's notoriously one of the least vegetarian-friendly countries in the world. There may well be a connection.