Friday, 11 June 2010

5 years.

I have spoken in the past about my friends Mahri-Claire and Greg and their wonderful sons. Alas only 3 of those sons are with them now as Noah passed away at 35 weeks gestation. Today is his 5th birthday and it is with tears in my eyes I think of the loss that Mahri-Clare and Greg live with every single day. The bittersweet of seeing Elijah, Sebastian and, the latest addition, Nathaniel grow and change every day and know that they have a fourth son, their forever baby who never got that chance. I look at my own two children and am grateful today that they are here and safe and I look with admiration to Mahri-Claire and Greg for living their lives so wonderfully with what must seem like a hole inside their hearts. I can't bring myself to imagine putting myself in their position or any of the others who have lost children.

Every day 17 babies are still born or die soon after birth and no one knows why. People seem afraid to talk to parents who have lost a child this way. If you know anyone who has lost this way I implore you to talk to them, ask them all about their baby as if that baby was alive and simply sleeping in a corner. As much as it may pain you ask them to see photographs, ask how much they weighed and who they looked like, all the minutia. Because I guarantee you as much as it may hurt to ask, it will hurt the baby's parents even more if they aren't given a place to talk about their baby. Everyone deserves the chance to glory in their child, but especially those who are given such a short time to do so.

Today I am sending all my love to them, and wishing Noah a very happy 5th birthday. Blessed Be, Noah, and blessed for always x.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

A great post - we need to remember that these angel babies are as real and as loved as any other baby

Just thinking how blessed I am to not have had this happen to us