Thursday, 24 June 2010

No one could say I am not organised sometimes.

Seeing as I have bought Clara's birthday presents and they are hiding on top of my wardrobe until August I thought I would turn my attention to what the other one would like for her birthday in December! As she is currently obsessed with all things horse related I had a look for what kind of play stables are out there. I narrowed down the choice between the Sylvannian Family stable and horse and the playmobil Horse Ranch.

We had to go into town yesterday for shorts for Paul to run in (the choice was either bright pink or bright yellow... poor bugger, at least he will be visible!). I also managed to accidentally purchase 2 dresses, a tee shirt, a new towel poncho and a load of knickers for Clara and 4 new tee shirts and a new jigsaw for Phoebe. I blame the primark cheap prices! Across the road is a toy shop so we went in for a closer look at the potential gifts. Phoebe didn't get to see the Sylvannian Family stable but we looked at the other bits they had in there and she declared that no it wouldn't do and she wanted something "a bit more different from that, more like Elijahs!" by which she meant playmobil as her friend Elijah has all the fire engine bits and she loved it the other day! So we went and looked at the Horse Ranch and she was very enamoured with it all!

I am still a bit skeptical as we bought her the Noah's arc a couple of years ago, but I think she was too young then as it was barely played with (although she likes the animals). However she did play nicely with Elijah's fire truck and station. Plus she will be 5 (!) so has 6 months more of development before she gets it. My reticence is in no way connected to my hatred of bitty toys... nope not me no way [ahem]! I will have to make her a nice green playmat we can contain it all in I think! Of course nothing is in stone but at least now I have a good idea of what she would like I can keep an eye out for good deals!

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