Monday, 5 July 2010

We've been on our happy holidays!

Apologies for the delay in blog posts (if you cared!) but we have been on a long weekend away in Poole. We stayed at Mybecky's caravan on the Haven site, although I was sceptical about Haven it was a fabulous 4 days! We arrived on the Thursday afternoon, in time to whip around the supermarket, feed the girls some tea and taken them for a bike ride / scoot to the local beach for them to blow off some steam. They were in heaven, all that sand to play in! When we finally peeled them away from the beach we got them into bed and planned the next days adventures.

On Friday we decided to head to the Oceanarium on the Bournemouth seafront in the afternoon. First we tried out the swimming pool, Clara has been a little nervous about swimming since an incident when she let go of the bar and went under. However it didn't take her long to regain her confidence in the pool with both me and Paul there with her. Phoebe, as always, became part fish and swam around everywhere like a nutcase having masses of fun! We had to bribe her out of the pool to go and get lunch and head to the Oceanarium.

Wow! It is amazing, it is so amazing to see all the fish up close and it was a lovely afternoon. Then we headed off for a wander along the sea front as it was such beautiful weather. A lesson learnt that you should never, ever, ever take a 4 yr old with a magnetic attraction to water only usually witnessed in my old Labradors without a towel! Yes my lovelies she was in faster than a rat up a drain pipe, thankfully we had stripped her before she went for her wee dip (hence no pictures). The loony was jumping waves like a good un, and fell in regularly laughing all the way. Even Clara got over her fear of the sea and got into jumping the waves. They were suitably exhausted after a fab day, although Phoebe's worst moment was allegedly "Not Going On the Merry-go-round" ah... never pleased lol!

Anyway, it is 11pm now and it has been a long (but fab) day. So I am going to hit the hay and bore you senseless with the rest of my holiday stories tomorrow!

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l'optimiste said...

"Not Going On the Merry-go-round" sounds like a plan to me!!you are having such fun babe!

Sounds great - enjoy.