Saturday, 5 June 2010

A hard days work!

Today Paul, our neighbour, Paula and I painted the outside of the houses. We teamed up with our neighbour as we figured it would be easier to tackle both houses together. I admit freely that Paul and Paula did the lion share of the work whilst I gophered, cooked, chaperoned the girls. I did however do all the fiddly bits of painting with, mad as it may sound, a childs paint brush! Still a difference has been made in 12 hours work and we are fervently hoping that the rain doesn't appear tomorrow and we can finish up before lunch tomorrow (ha ha ha).

The girls were pretty well behaved, we had a few flounces from Clara. She has taken to throwing what ever she has in her hands at you and flouncing off screaming that she doesn't like you anymore. It is very difficult to take her seriously when she does it which just enrages her more. Phoebe mostly wanted to help paint, she was allowed too a little but, predictably, they made more mess than they did paint! Still this meant Phoebe got to wear one of her Daddy's tee-shirts all day! She looked a little like The Little Princess only without the crown. Despite liberal application of Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks she wanted to help paint all day and got rather gloomy towards the end of it when she couldn't.

If the weather holds off with the wet stuff tomorrow I will try and take an "after" picture of the house to put up with my before. Be warned now any comments along the lines of "so what have you done that is different" may make you wish you hadn't been born lol!

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l'optimiste said...

we just did that or rather - the FH did. a pain in the proverbial!! but, I say! the house looks fab so it was worth it!