Saturday, 12 June 2010

Getting in touch with my inner girl...

I must have one. I mean I have boobs (nice ones) and all the rest of the bits. And yet I just cannot get excited about hair, make up or clothes (I have a valid reason for not getting on with shoes, I have evil feet). Bags I can get excited about as they are practical and I make my own now so I do to my own specs mostly. Periodically I start a face care regime and then I get bored and it all falls by the wayside. I only moisturise when I think about it which is about once a week ish. Ditto make up and making my hair pretty. Clothes I can understand not feeling the love for, I have body issues which makes it an utter chore and an unpleasant one at that but I would LOVE to get more excited about wearing nice things instead of grabbing the one of 3 outfits I have.

I know I carry the girly genes as I was v. girly as a wee one and Clara is the epitome of girly (she is a Princess, and woe betide anyone who argues with her). So there must be some way of re awakening the girl within right?! I am 32, blessed with reasonable skin and still look pretty young (I think)... I have to take care of this or I am going to look like a sun dried prune when I am older aren't I. At least I will if I don't pull my finger out!

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