Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Squeak Piggy Squeak!

Well it is official, the pigs would move out of my Sty in disgust! My house is an utter PIT at the moment. Upstairs is covered in laundry, mostly clean... some dirty, I am just too bone idle to go and sort it all out. The kitchen is in need of a deep clean, the dining room is covered in material scraps and loose threads because I took over the dining table to make a bag and haven't set it to rights yet. And as for the living room...2 words cover it:

Phoebe and Clara.

I had fully intended to sort some of it this morning whilst the girls were in school after my Docs appt. However I had neglected to remember the fact that it was Obstacle Course day at school today and I had to stay with them all morning. Much as I love Preschool that is £9.50 of non-childcare I just paid for. Still the girls raised a lot of money by doing 10x round the obstacle course. They had cake and crisps and were therefore happy with life. This afternoon I have a load of sewing to finish off and I haven't been left alone by them. I am writing this with Clara sat leaning on my shoulder and occasionally looking through them middle of a CD as she plays "cover Mummy's face". If they aren't sitting on me they are moaning... on and on and on and on. It's exhausting, really really exhausting.

All I want is the house to look nice and not like we are due a visit from Kim and Aggie! I know there is more to life than a clean and tidy home but hell, it is a good start isn't it! I think my plan for tomorrow is going to be to go through my clothes and bin anything with holes in or I am too fat for. I will also put away the laundry upstairs and sort out our bedrooms. Of course I will have to do this with Clara in tow so it could all go very very very very pear shaped!

On the good side my wall paper samples have arrived and I think I know which one I want to use in the alcoves on either side of the fireplace in the living room. Then I just have to sort out the paint colour and I will be good to start prepping the living room for decoration! I have a date with paint stripper and a lot of woodwork!


Scattynobrain said...

I thought it would be a good idea to have family over on Saturday for a barbecue - I forgot to take into account the tidying up that was needed. Small children and housework don't mix here. Will need to think up jobs that she can do for me that she won't get bored off - or put a dvd on!

swampytiggaa said...

you will get it done! 15 minute chunks will do it.... shall we motivate each other tomorrow? Altho i seem to be babysitting another 4 year old in the morning....