Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This article in the Guardian was bought to my attention earlier:


Oh how much do I want that woman to walk a mile in my shoes right now! I am one of the women who has let herself go. I wear crocs or birkies and my toes are usually unpainted (they are currently violet doe to a fit of boredom). My hair is scraped back into a "rolly rolly" or messy bun. I don't wear make up and I rarely moisturise. If I have a shower before the school run then it is A Good Day as far as I am concerned. Occasionally I realise I haven't brushed my hair for 2 or even [gasp] 3 days!

But do you know what, SO WHAT! I have 2 demanding children, 1 psychotic cat, 2 escapee rabbits and a husband. Not to mention the house that breeds dust and clutter like no mans business. Who gives a stuff if you don't like what I am wearing, who gives a stuff if you don't like the fact I am not wearing make up. Maybe I think you look daft made up to the nines for the school run, or that you look too intimidating to be a friend.

Has she even considered that maybe, just maybe there may be deeper reasons behind things? For me I find it very hard to take an interest in making myself look pretty, I hate how I look and although I am slightly better at dealing with that now it is still a problem. I can fill an A4 sheet with what I hate about myself, in fact there is very little I like so why bother making an effort, it does no ruddy good! I would rather look like a Pig than a Pig in drag frankly!

So oh writer of that ruddy article, stick that in your pipe and smoke it (I may, or may not be making rude gestures at my computer monitor on writing this...).


l'optimiste said...

bring on the rude gestures I say!! go for it - any woman who actually watches Trinny and Susannah, Grazia and Gok Wan really ought to get a life.

I'm not a Mum, but I also trundle about in [shock horror!!] 'flip flops' [which we designers like to call Havaianas!! pffft] which I might add, are extremely trendy at the moment. Ask Havaianas how much their sales have soared...anyway, they're comfortable!! Lifes too short for blistered toes and a back ache - stilletos?

For parties...for the frenzy of school runs; oh really? Perhaps if you have an au pair to get the Shrieking Hordes ready whilst you are pampering your Patrick Joe clad footsies?

And you don't look at all like a pig actually - you have a beautiful face, and I've SEEN you dressed up - don't be so hard on yourself. Newspaper articles are invariably irritating...ignore!

PS: even better, offer her your Horde for a week ;o)

Mrs M said...

Vix sweetheart, I wish you would believe how gorgeous you are.

Point and laugh at the alpha mummies. At least your face can move and isn't botoxed and painted to within an inch of its life.

(And I'm killing myself laughing that the verification word I have to type to post this is "wangster".)

MrsB said...

Weeeell, I do take issue with the above a little - I watch Trin and Tran, Gok etc and I don't think I need to get a life ;)

However, ANYONE who puts anyone else down for the way they look - be it because they're groomed or not groomed, is wrong, wrongety wrong. The article got up my hooter a tad too, but actually on reflection I feel a bit sorry for her. ;)

Different people, different priorities, what makes her the judge and jury? Silly woman. No wonder she chose an 'anon' series to spout this crud!

Vix, fret not, you are lovely because you're you. You'd be lovely wearing lippie and lovely not wearing it. Still the same fab person.