Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Whoopsie! I am a bad Mummy.

We forgot to get the girl's advent calendars down from the loft this weekend (well it was rather busy). And I don't think we are going to, both girls are going through a destructo curious phase and I don't fancy losing bits left right and centre. Plus we have Phoebe's birthday on Sunday and I don't like starting anything Christmasy until after that, seems unfair to me somehow. AND we are going away (note to theiving robdogs: The house will be watched, mitts off!) so there is little point going all out on the decorations is there. As penance I read one of the Father Christmas books at bedtime last night, twice.

We will do something special for Yule on the 21st, I am not sure what yet though. Maybe take the girls skating or something along those lines. Or at the very least to see Father Christmas.

I am looking forward to Christmas Eve this year though, it will be the first time we do a set up with Mum and it will be cool!

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