Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another Yule Washout... sob sob sob.

Last year I gave up my Yule family celebrations for a friend so although it was fun it wasn't the family orientated celebration of the return of the light it should have been. Ah well, this year was going to be fantastic. I really should learn not to expect to much really...

Paul had to drop off a laptop on the way home so was able to leave early meaning we would have a bit longer to celebrate. The girls and I went to RHS Wisley with a load of friends for lunch and a run around, it rained all the time we were there so whilst it was fun it was a bit too soggy. Although we did have fun doing experiments with Ice and trying to throw various things into the water and then seeing them skid around the surface and watch the ducks all walking around on the ponds looking a bit bemused! When we got home the girls and I decided to have an early bath at 2pm ish so we could extend our Yule Celebrations a bit later into the evening.

Then we waited... and waited... and waited... and waited. Paul was due to leave work at 3.30pm, that came and went so we waited a bit more. I finally called him at 4.30pm and he was just leaving due to upstair's server going kablooie that morning. I asked that he get some painkillers as I had a headache that was leaning towards Migraine City. So 5.30 came, I had intended to do a family evening meal at this time but Paul was now stuck just outside London Bridge rail station due to signal problems. So I shoved in some chicken nuggets and chips. By the time it was cooked 20 minutes later I had a full migraine and could barely move of the sofa. I had strained my neck a few days before so I think the pain from that had caused the migraine. Paul finally got in at about 6.50pm, fed me 2 neurofen and sent me to bed where I slept for 2 hours whilst he put the girls to bed. I resurfaced later on and we painted the salt dough decorations I had made a few weeks ago. That was the only vaguely festive thing we did. No tree was put up, no celebrating the returning of light and no gifts opened.

Thankfully he has negotiated a half day today so we are going for Yule Mark 2 when he gets home.

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