Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Yule Mark 2!

Wooo, Paul finally returned home from work at 15.30, about 15 mins after Clara passed out on my lap lol! I took the opportunity to go and buy a pair of shoes and a top to match my new skirt that I made from a pattern in Sew Hip! magazine (pics to follow!). When I got back we got our borrowed bogus tree out from under the stairs and set to lighting it. Phoebe LOVED it and was being exceedingly bossy about where everything should go, as well as confirming my shoes were a, comfortable and b, a suitable fit for me (She tried them on, then put them on me and commanded I walked around a bit in them "ok Mummy, go for a little walk now... yes I think they are very nice"). Then we woke Clara up so she could help put the "bubbles" on the tree, we now have a very bottom heavy tree but the girls did it and had a ball doing so.

Then we set to the presents we had here, we can't take them with us really so it seemed logical to open them at Yule. Last Christmas both girls were a bit over whelmed by Christmas and the sheer amount of presents. I really don't think this is going to be the case this year, not if Clara's shouts of "MORE MORE!" are anything to go by at any rate! They loved all their gifts and had lots of fun helping Paul and I open ours too. We loved all our gifts :D.

Now the girls are in bed we have all the packing to do, the taxi arrives at 5.30 and the living room is filled with suitcases! Eeeek! It will all be fine [thinks soothing thoughts]. I haven't even got to the what ifs about the weather or the status of the airport, denial is a happy little place!

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Redbedhead said...

Have a fab trip!