Thursday, 3 December 2009

I had the most lovely compliment today.

Yesterday when I picked Phoebe up I was told she had been bitten by another child. It was a one off occurrence and the child has never bitten anyone before so I calmly talked to Phoebe about what happened and she admitted she had taken his Thomas the Tank Engine off him. The little boy in question has very little english so probably just got frustrated and lashed out, which is very understandable. I reassured preschool I wasn't worried about the bite and to tell the other mother (who was mortified) not to worry, these things happen and Phoebe had antagonised the little boy.

Anyway I got into school this morning and one of the managers checked how the bite was (fine, nothing more than a mouth shaped bruise really) and said she was so impressed with Phoebe for owning up to taking the Thomas and that is was very unusual behaviour for a 4 yr old and that I had obviously done a wonderful job with her [blush]. I am chuffed to bits, no idea what I have done to create such an honest child (except maybe that punishment is less severe if they own up to something, not that punishment has ever gone beyond sitting on The Step). I am very proud of her for understanding that she has to tell the truth about things, even when she thinks she will get into trouble for it. This morning she went into school with instructions to say sorry to the little boy for taking his Thomas and to give him a hug and make him a friend and to help him with his words. No idea if she did or not but I hope so, I know she understands the lack of speech frustration.

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