Monday, 7 December 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Phoebe!

My big girl turned 4 yesterday! She had the most amazing weekend to celebrate too.

On Saturday we got up as normal only we didn't get dressed until Grannie called to say she was leaving her house. Then we all go dressed in normal togs, except Phoebe who donned her pretty party outfit. We took her up to the train station to meet Grannie as she was off on a day out with Grannie and Grande. She got thoroughly spoiled! They took her out for a Pizza-rific lunch and ice cream and then they headed into Covent Garden and took her to see The Lion King. According to Mum she was agog in the first half and totally enraptured with it all, she wasn't quite so keen on the Hyenas in the second half. Apparently they were a bit too loud and boring but once they went away she was again enraptured. She even got to meet Scar as the cast did a charity collection. Now, because Phoebe left Moose (her best friend) in the car with us Mum let her take one of her friends Leo the Lion. Leo went all over London, including meeting Scar where I am reliably informed he roared at him! Go Phoebe and Leo! We got home one very very happy and very very tired Phoebe just before bedtime. Mum tells me she was a total angel all day and there wasn't a moan or a whinge to be had from her (!) and that she was funny and sociable all day. I am so proud of her.

On Sunday we got up at the normal time and Phoebe pranced into our room as she normally does having forgotten the specialness of the day. She checked the weather and then suddenly turned to us as we asked what day it was with a shock face and a "It's my BIRTHDAY!". We suggested she might like to look in the bag at the bottom of the bed and she went present mad. She got a Waybuloo Yojojo playset, the Peppa Pig Wii game, a pink toy laptop, a hot pink princess dress, a kid tough camera, a load of bike goodies and a pink hi-vis vest. She opened all her cards and looked replete (if a little confused about the hi-vis vest...). I then made an excuse to come downstairs a little before them so I could set up to take this picture:

Do you think she liked her main gift? She did know she was getting it as we picked it out ages ago but I think she had forgotten in all the present palooza upstairs! Shortly after that she donned princess dress and helmet and went outside:

She was one happy child.

We had a party that afternoon where she was spoiled by yet more lovely gifts and had a wonderful time playing with her fabulous friends. It was lovely, there was no arguing or fighting and our house was filled with the sounds of kids laughing and playing and adults chatting. Marvellous.

I can't believe Phoebe is 4 though, it doesn't seem 30 seconds ago when I was in hospital having my waters broken and told it could be some time. Mum calling Paul telling him what the deal was, and then an hour later sending "Get here, NOW!" and Paul making the mad dash across London to get to us (we sent him to work after having being told it could be some time and we didn't want to waste his paternity leave!). My telling the anaesthetist to not go far in a snarl as I declared I needed to push right as he took the bloods to check I could have an epidural. And then suddenly this screaming little dark haired bundle who took one look and me and pooed. Then, of course, the immortal line I uttered as the midwife was doing the stitches and caught a not-numb-bit  "If I had wanted piercing I would have gone to Brighton!"... oh you have to love gas and air (no really you do... marvellous stuff!).

Phoebe has come so very far from that teeny 7lb 5oz bundle to this stonking great 4 year old with a cracking sense of humour, a fast eye and wit. She can push every button I have in about 30 seconds but I wouldn't change a thing about her and I adore every atom of her. Love you baby!

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